My Current Netflix & Prime Queue!

I haven't had too much time to enjoy my shows for a while due to my incredibly busy schedule, but I try to find a bit of time here or there. I have a few shows on rotation right now to mix things up and keep it interesting! Some are new to me while some… Continue reading My Current Netflix & Prime Queue!

What’s In My Backpack?

I was happy to be on my spring break but now my school work is picking up and I'm finding I have a lot of projects and assignments coming up. Due to this, I feel like I'm always studying or finding time to go to the library. Since I love writing about all things college,… Continue reading What’s In My Backpack?

Healthy Smoothie Recipes!

I've been really into smoothies lately! They're super easy to make and very filling. I love the variety of ingredients you can use to mix it up (pardon the pun!). I like using protein powder as one of the staples in every smoothie because I usually have them right after a workout or as breakfast.… Continue reading Healthy Smoothie Recipes!

Spring Cleaning: Why You Should + Hacks!

I'm making April the month of tidying up! Just like March was the month of fresh starts, I'm making a theme for this month. A big portion of tidying up can come through in spring cleaning. I've seen a bunch of different interpretations of spring cleaning over the years and my personal definition is "cleaning/tidying… Continue reading Spring Cleaning: Why You Should + Hacks!