Bachelorette Night Needs!

love The Bachelorette. It’s one of my all-time guilty pleasures and tonight, we get another episode of drama, love, and emotion. There are several different ways to enjoy Bachelorette Monday’s, but here are my favorites!

Make it comfy

I think this is the most important rule of watching any show, ever. Make sure you’re comfortable! I love curling up on my loveseat with my fluffiest blanket and my favorite tea. If I’m watching with friends, I make sure we’re all squished together so we can gossip about our favorite guys on the show.

Have a drink!

For those of you who can legally drink, go for it. If not, there’s a bunch of different options. You can have a fruit smoothie (my favorite recipe coming soon), water, or a soda! I mentioned my favorite tea above because not only is it the perfect tea for summer, it helps with your metabolism!

Snack on it 

If I’m in the mood for sweets, I might eat some strawberries with sugar or orange sherbet. Sometimes I like my Chex mix. If friends are coming over, I like to bake something so we can all nibble on something while Becca falls in love! Having something to snack on makes Bachelorette Monday’s easier and more fun.

Talk smack about the guys

Okay, some of the guys who have been on this season have been questionable. Pretty much everyone with eyes hated Jordan, while David (The Chicken) was obsessed with Jordan. There’s nothing like being able to immediately react to some drama than to turn to your friends and shout, “Oh, my god!” at the same time.

Those are all of my requirements for having an amazing time watching the Bachelorette! Who do you think Becca will choose? I know who my favorite is! Thank you so much for reading and leave a comment below!