Five Tips to Stop a Breakout Immediately

It happens to everyone! But with double days happening right now, and I’m practicing up to five hours a day, it’s important for me to keep good care of my skin. The second I even see a hint of a blemish, there are five things I do in order to keep it from getting worse.

#1 Drink loads of water

This is one of the easier tips to follow. Simply, just drink as much water as you possibly can! Since I practice so much, I’m drinking up to two gallons of water a day. There have been tons of studies that link drinking a bunch of water to having clearer skin. Not to mention the added health benefits of drinking more and more water!

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#2 Get as Much Sleep as You Can

Another easy trick that doesn’t require that much extra effort. Even if you can get a couple more minutes of snoozing, it could help your skin drastically. I always find that the more sleep that I get, the clearer my skin tends to be. I highly suggest it for everyone who feels like they’re getting a pimple coming on.

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#3 Spot Treatment

This is probably the fastest trick to targeting one or two blemishes. I like to use Dr. Kiehl’s Spot Treatment, but I have heard good things about the Origins Spot Remover. My everyday spot treatment that I use is part of my skincare routine. The third product, the Dual Acne Intensive Acne Treatment, which I put all over my face and then some extra on the spots I want to treat.

#4 Eat Clean

This is the most preventive measure. By avoiding super sugary foods (like candy, donuts) or fried food. Since I’ve been eating healthy for a long time, my skin has been awesome. There’s nothing like committing to eating healthy and being able to see the physical results! It’s super motivating.

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#5 Be Mindful of What You’re Putting On Your Skin

Another super helpful preventive method! Make sure that you try not to touch your face with your hands (unless you wash them every five minutes). Change your pillowcases on your bed regularly! If your skin is acting up, change your pillowcase immediately! When your skin is breaking out, make sure to be extra careful with what goes near your face.

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These are the best tips that work for my skin! Of course, everyone’s skin is different, but these are some of the most basic skincare tips that should work for every skin type. I hope that this helps you! Thank you so much for reading!