Updated: What I Eat in a Day!

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted what I truly eat in a day, so I wanted to update it! I’ve found so many amazing recipes since the last post that my every day eating routines have switched up a bit. Some of the meals are the same, but the ones that are different are drastically so.


Avocado toast is still a holy grail for me! I’ve updated it by adding a sunny side up egg with each slice. This makes the meal super filling while also giving me all of the protein I need. Sometimes I’ll have the yolk a little runny and eat with a knife and fork (my favorite version!). If I don’t have enough time to prepare the eggs, I’ll have regular toast with marmalade jam (a new twist!) or with organic strawberry jam from Smuckers. When I’m having a cheat day and want something more sweet, I’ll opt for some Nutella with my whole grain toast!


I have found a new holy grail. I’ve loved grilled cheeses for as long as I could remember because I always add chicken breast in with the cheese to make it super filling and chock full of protein. The new twist that I have been loving is including all of these ingredients into a sandwich with honey mustard and avocado oil mayo. I toast the bread and then combine all of my favorite ingredients into an amazingly healthy and delicious sandwich. I highly recommend it to everyone!


Trader Joe’s has come in clutch for my dinners lately. I have been a huge fan of their Orange Mandarin Chicken combined with their Vegetable Fried Rice for a quick meal in a snap. Another healthy dinner that I love from TJ’s is their Turkey Burgers combined with broccoli and red and orange bell peppers! All of the food from Trader Joe’s is healthy and mostly organic, so I can be confident in the fuel that I’m putting into my body. For quick meals on the go, I like having their Lemon Arugula Salad with an avocado!


I have definitely cut down on the desserts in my life. I’ve always loved ice cream, but I had to cut it out when I decided to eat healthy. I’ve cut out a lot of dairy, which has only been good for my body. When I do have dessert, I’ll have Halo Top Creamery pints in either Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, or in Salted caramel. All of the pints are less than 400 calories, which is amazing. I love it but only let myself indulge in it a little bit every week.

That’s my updated “What I Eat in a Day”! It’s funny to see how similar yet how different my routine is after a couple of months. Eating healthy has definitely improved everything about my life and I’m so happy about my choices. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading!


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