Favorite Recipe: Acai Bowl!

Acai bowls have been a trend for a long time now. I have only recently jumped on the trend, but I am so glad that I did! Thanks to a recommendation from a teammate, I found an affordable way to make the Acai bowls at home easily. And I only went to two different stores to get everything that I needed, which is perfect for a college girl with a busy schedule. Here’s how to make it!

Sambazon Acai Packs

I got these from Target on sale for $4.99 (originally $5.99) and they’re amazing! Super easy to work with. All I do is defrost it in some warm water for a few minutes and then add it to my blender along with a base. Options for bases include coconut water, almond milk, or vanilla ice cream. I love how many ways I can mix up these meal without it becoming boring or repetitive.

Frozen Fruit

I rotate between my favorite frozen fruits! Right now, I’ve been using a lot of frozen strawberries and bananas (I found a big pack of them from Target for $8, totally worth it!). Other great fruits to choose from include mango, kiwi, and dragonfruit. You truly have so many different combinations available!

Chia Seeds

A great source of Omega-3s, antioxidants, and protein! When I knew I was going to be making an Acai bowl, I knew I had to include these in my shopping list. I got these from Trader Joe’s for around $6 for a huge bag that will literally last me three months at least. I would definitely say that it’s worth the investment.

Cacao Nibs

This just might be my favorite part of the entire bowl. I have such a sweeth tooth (I’m trying to work on it, I swear!) and knew this would be a healthy way to introduce some additional flavor to the mix. I also got this at Trader Joe’s (it was a bit of a smaller bag, only a couple of ounces for $1.99) as well. Not to mention they’re fun to snack on just by themselves!

Fresh Fruit

The final garnish I like using would be fresh fruit! When I want a strong flavor of a certain fruit, I’ll add frozen fruit to the blender and then put a fresh version of it on top to finish it off. Or, to mix up the combination, add fresh fruit of something new altogether. The possibilities are endless.

That’s how I make my Acai bowls! They’re so delicious and filling and a healthy meal. I’m so glad my teammates recommended them to me; I know this is going to be a favorite of mine for a long time to come. Do you like Acai bowls? What do you put in them? Let me know down in the comments. And, as always, thank you for reading!



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