My November Favorites!

Happy Last Day of November! This is my first time posting on a Saturday because yesterday, November 29th, was my 21st birthday and Black Friday. I was busy all day and didn’t have a chance to finish writing this post before the night was over. But since we had one more day of November left, I knew I could make this post! Here are some of my favorite things from November.

Acrylic Nails

One of the first things I did after my last volleyball game ever was to get acrylic nails. I haven’t had acrylic nails since my senior Prom. I’ve never had a huge interest in having acrylic nails, but I wanted to try it simply because I could now (my coach wouldn’t allow players to have acrylic nails during season). I got a rounded oval shape with a light shade of pink and I am obsessed with them! I really like how they turned out and I’m a big fan of the place where I had them done. I’ll probably do it again in the future!

Laneige Glowy Lip Balm

During the Sephora sale, I picked up the Lip Sleeping Mask. For my birthday, one of my friends gifted me the Glowy Lip Balm in Peach. I love this lip balm because it’s so moisturizing and easy on the lips! Sephora has a great set from Laneige called Kiss Me at Midnight, where they have three great lip balms available for $35 (which is a great deal, because each Glowy lip balm is $15 by itself!). I highly recommend it!


I’ve written about Disney+ before, and I am just as happy with it now as I was back then. I have watched so many different childhood shows and movies on there when I have the chance and I am so happy about it! It’s really worth all of the money due every month just because of the sheer amount of content you can choose from. Especially for people around my age, I would say that this streaming platform is worth checking out!

Those are some of my favorite things from this month! November has truly been a great month with some of my favorite memories of all time. I’m truly blessed to have the people in my life that I do and I’m very grateful. Thank you so much for reading!