2021 Books I’ve Pre-Ordered!

2020 was a great year for books, but 2021 is going to be elite. There are so many books that I am looking forward to! And most of them are from my favourite authors. I’m very, very excited about what’s to come. So excited, in fact, that I’ve placed several pre-orders starting all the way back in September of 2020. Now, in order of their publication, here are the books I have pre-ordered so far for 2021!

A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer

While I haven’t read the first or second books of the Cursebreakers series, I knew I was going to be a fan. Therefore, I was able to justify preordering two different versions of this book! I first preordered the Barnes and Noble Edition because of the extra chapter from the villain’s POV, but then I saw The Bookish Box exclusive preorder. The Bookish Box Edition will include an additional exclusive dust jacket, along with two more dust jackets to match the whole series designed by @alicemariapower, a custom stamp design on the hardback and a signed book plate! I am very excited to see it when it comes out!

Summary: Face your fears, fight the battle. Emberfall is torn between those who follow Rhen and those who are eager to begin a new era under the true heir, Grey. Grey has agreed to wait two months before attacking Rhen, and in that time, Rhen has sought the assistance of a spy despite Harper’s doubts. Fight the battle, save the kingdom. Meanwhile, Lia Mara struggles to rule Syhl Shallow with a gentler hand than her mother. But some of her subjects aren’t happy that Lia Mara has an enchanted prince and magical scraver by her side. As Grey’s deadline draws nearer, Lia Mara is forced to question whether or not she can remain allied to his cause. This compulsively readable saga continues as two kingdoms come closer to conflict—and an old enemy resurfaces who could destroy them all.

The B&N Exclusive Edition will include metallic, printed patterned endpapers, unique case & foil stamp, plus an extra chapter from the villain’s POV!

Barnes and Noble Exclusive Edition linked here.

Bookish Box Exclusive Edition linked here.

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas

I went a little crazy with this one. Sarah J Maas is my favourite author of all time. This is not contested. I have pre-ordered three different versions of this book that’s scheduled to come out on February 16th, 2021. I snagged the Barnes and Noble Exclusive Edition (which contains a see with Feyre and Rhysand, so of course I had to get it), a Books A Million Exclusive Edition (with an entire chapter from Azriel’s perspective!) and a signed first edition from a English bookstore! I’m really excited to see the exclusive content and I’m stoked to get a signed first edition.

Summary: Nesta Archeron has always been prickly-proud, swift to anger, and slow to forgive. And ever since being forced into the Cauldron and becoming High Fae against her will, she’s struggled to find a place for herself within the strange, deadly world she inhabits. Worse, she can’t seem to move past the horrors of the war with Hybern and all she lost in it. The one person who ignites her temper more than any other is Cassian, the battle-scarred warrior whose position in Rhysand and Feyre’s Night Court keeps him constantly in Nesta’s orbit. But her temper isn’t the only thing Cassian ignites. The fire between them is undeniable, and only burns hotter as they are forced into close quarters with each other.  Meanwhile, the treacherous human queens who returned to the Continent during the last war have forged a dangerous new alliance, threatening the fragile peace that has settled over the realms. And the key to halting them might very well rely on Cassian and Nesta facing their haunting pasts. Against the sweeping backdrop of a world seared by war and plagued with uncertainty, Nesta and Cassian battle monsters from within and without as they search for acceptance-and healing-in each other’s arms.

Barnes and Noble Exclusive Edition linked here.

Books A Million Exclusive Edition linked here.

Covet by Tracy Wolff

I am such a fan of the Crush series by Tracy Wolff! When I saw that there was a Barnes and Noble Edition of the book, I instantly ordered it! While the official summary of the third book hasn’t been released yet, I am more than excited to read Covet! The second book ended on such a cliffhanger and I need to know what happens next. I’m sure that the B&N Edition will have some exclusive content and I can’t wait to see what it is!

Summary: The third book in the smash hit Crave series will not disappoint—full of shocking twists, high-stakes romance, and deep fantasy lore, it’ll be a must-have for die-hard series fans and new readers alike.

The Barnes and Noble Edition is linked here.

Namesake by Adrienne Young

This was the first book I ever got from The Bookish Box. It was the September 2020 book and I adored it. It was signed by the author and included an exclusive reversible dust cover with a scene from the book. The second book, Namesake, was announced as a preorder from the Bookish box. Their edition will include a reversible dust jacket designed by the same artist that designed our Fable dust jacket @morgana0anagrom , a signed bookplate, and an enamel pin. I am so excited to receive it!

Summary: Trader. Fighter. Survivor. With the Marigold ship free of her father, Fable and its crew were set to start over. That freedom is short-lived when she becomes a pawn in a notorious thug’s scheme. In order to get to her intended destination she must help him to secure a partnership with Holland, a powerful gem trader who is more than she seems. As Fable descends deeper into a world of betrayal and deception, she learns that the secrets her mother took to her grave are now putting the people Fable cares about in danger. If Fable is going to save them then she must risk everything, including the boy she loves and the home she has finally found.

Bookish Box Exclusive linked here.

Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

Summary: The highly anticipated sequel to the instant New York Times bestseller, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder! More dark secrets are exposed in this addictive, true-crime fueled mystery.  Pip is not a detective anymore. With the help of Ravi Singh, she released a true-crime podcast about the murder case they solved together last year. The podcast has gone viral, yet Pip insists her investigating days are behind her. But she will have to break that promise when someone she knows goes missing. Jamie Reynolds has disappeared, on the very same night the town hosted a memorial for the sixth-year anniversary of the deaths of Andie Bell and Sal Singh. The police won’t do anything about it. And if they won’t look for Jamie then Pip will, uncovering more of her town’s dark secrets along the way… and this time everyone is listening. But will she find him before it’s too late?

Barnes and Noble Signed Book linked here.

Bone Crier’s Dawn by Kathryn Purdie

While I haven’t read Bone Crier’s Moon yet, I knew I was going to be a fan of the series. When the Bookish Box came out with a preorder, I knew I had to get it. The Bookish Box exclusive will be signed by the author, include a reversible dust jacket designed by the same artist who did the first reversible dust jacket for the Bookish Box, and an exclusive enamel pin. I am so excited about it!

Summary: Ailesse and her friends change the afterlife in the gripping conclusion to the fantasy duology that began with Bone Crier’s Moon from New York Timesbestselling author Kathryn Purdie—perfect for fans of Stephanie Garber and Roshani Chokshi. Love is a matter of life and death. Bone Criers have been ferrying the dead into the afterlife for centuries, a dangerous duty only possible with the powers they gain from sacrificing their amourés, the men destined to love them and die. But Bone Criers Ailesse and Sabine—along with Ailesse’s love, Bastien—are working to chart their own course and rewrite the rules of the afterlife. If they don’t break the soul bond between Ailesse and her amouré, she could die—just as Bastien’s father did. Sabine struggles to maintain her authority as matrone of her famille—the role always destined for her sister—even as she fights to control the violent jackal power within her. Bastien is faced with a new dilemma as the spirits of the Underworld threaten the souls of his friends—and his father. Ailesse attempts to resist her mother’s siren song as she’s drawn into her own version of the Underworld. How will she save her friends once she’s cut off from their world?

Bookish Box Exclusive linked here.

Rules of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo

Summary: The Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition includes an annotated chapter and a unique poster! The wolves are circling and a young king will face his greatest challenge in the explosive finale of the instant #1 New York Times–bestselling King of Scars Duology.
The Demon King. As Fjerda’s massive army prepares to invade, Nikolai Lantsov will summon every bit of his ingenuity and charm—and even the monster within—to win this fight. But a dark threat looms that cannot be defeated by a young king’s gift for the impossible. The Stormwitch. Zoya Nazyalensky has lost too much to war. She saw her mentor die and her worst enemy resurrected, and she refuses to bury another friend. Now duty demands she embrace her powers to become the weapon her country needs. No matter the cost. The Queen of Mourning. Deep undercover, Nina Zenik risks discovery and death as she wages war on Fjerda from inside its capital. But her desire for revenge may cost her country its chance at freedom and Nina the chance to heal her grieving heart. King. General. Spy. Together they must find a way to forge a future in the darkness. Or watch a nation fall. 

Barnes and Noble Exclusive Edition linked here.

These are all of the books that I have preordered for 2021! I’m really excited for the books that are coming out and can’t wait to see how much I like each book. I’m sure as more titles get released I will be adding more to my preorder collection, but as for right now these are the seven titles that I’ve ordered! Have you ordered any of them? Do you have other books you’re excited for? Let me know in the comments. And, as always, thank you so much for reading!




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