My December Favourites!

Goodbye, 2020! This has been such a weird, unpredictable, long year. While I did have some good memories during this year, I am looking forward to 2021 where anything can happen. December was my favourite month yet, just for the holiday season! I love this time of year with the weather and the family/loved ones and the presents. That being said, I was able to narrow down my favourites to only a few things. Here are my favourite things from the month of December!


This iconic TV show has a cult following for good reason: it’s a fantastic show. The characters are so funny and three-dimensional, not to mention easy to relate to. Thanks to HBO Max, I’ve been able to enjoy all ten seasons at my leisure. Friends is a great comfort show to have playing in the background while writing or bullet journaling. I always find myself laughing along with Rachel and Monica while getting ahead on my tasks. I highly recommend rewatching the show!


A Christmas tradition for my family and I is to binge-watch holiday movies. Thanks to Disney+, we were able to watch several on the platform! We watched Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Noelle, The Santa Clause 2, and The Santa Clause 3. There were several more to choose from, but we didn’t get a chance to watch them. Disney+ truly has so many titles to choose from that it’s insane. And the platform will have a slew of originals coming in 2021 and 2022? I can’t wait to see what they have to bring.

Apple Watch

I was very fortunate to receive my Apple Watch as a present for my 22nd birthday last month! I was very excited about it and use it extensively every day. I use it to track my sleep, my workouts, my steps, calories, heart rate, you name it! It’s so incredibly useful and helps me stay mindful of my goals. I got the gold watch and a pink wristband, so it’s super feminine and matches my aesthetic perfectly.

Sam Edelman Boots

Santa was very kind to me this year! I received two pairs of Sam Edelman boots that are just to die for. I got my hands on the Penny Leather Riding Boot and the Clarem Knee High Boot. Both are still on sale at Nordstrom! The quality of Sam Edelman shoes are so great. Every pair of shoes I have from him have lasted for years and years without wear or tear. While some of his designs have a bit of a price tag, I believe that they are worth the investment because of their quality and how long they will last.

These are all of my favourite things from the month of December! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas/holiday season with loved ones. I am excited to see what 2021 has in store for us and I am praying that is a better year than 2020. Thank you so much for reading!




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