My Morning Routine!

I have two separate morning routines. I work five days a week, so for the vast majority of the week, I have a bit of a rushed routine where I try to make sure I cover all of my bases before hightailing it to my office. On the weekends, I am lucky enough to have time (for the most part) to have a super relaxing morning situation where I can choose what I want to do without a time limit.

Monday – Friday

I have to be in at my work promptly at 8:30 am every day Monday through Friday. I usually set my alarm for right at 7 am, but most days I hit snooze on the alarm at least once. I then check on my leopard gecko Ferguson to make sure he doesn’t need anything, eat breakfast (english muffins with strawberry jelly and butter), brush my teeth, style my hair (or just brush it if I’m having a more lax day), apply makeup if I was going to be wearing it that day, spray on my perfume/getting dressed in my outfit for the day, grab my lunch and coffee, and book it to my car. This is my most usual routine in the mornings, but sometimes it’s subject to change due to different things happening (although it’s extremely rare).

Saturday & Sunday

My weekends are my time to relax, sleep in, and catch up on things that I didn’t get to do or have time to do during the week. I try to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday because those are the days that I can. I then have breakfast (at least one day of the weekend, my family and I all sit down and have a nice breakfast together, depends on the weekend plans), read a book or watch Youtube/TV/streaming services, or catch up on chores. On days that I have plans with friends (socially distant and safely, of course), I would spend time during the morning getting ready for it, either showering and blowdrying my hair and doing makeup (maybe 10% of the time) or changing my clothes and throwing my hair up in a bun before going to see friends (90% of the time).

I very much like having set routines and I like the calmness I feel when everything goes according to plan. Do you have any morning routines? Do you like your set routines as well? Let me know down in the comments! And, as always, thank you for reading!




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