My Digital Bullet Journal Spreads!

With school starting yesterday (my senior year already, wow!), I have to make sure I am as organized as possible. With school, volleyball, and friends, I have a lot to keep track of. My digital bullet journal has been by my side constantly to make sure I know where I have to be and what… Continue reading My Digital Bullet Journal Spreads!

My June Favorites!

June has been a super fun month! I got to do a lot of things and try a lot of new things. I'm actually in Phoenix, Arizona for the first time right now as I write this. Arizona is hotter than I'm used to, but all the other things about this state more than makes… Continue reading My June Favorites!

Why I Have a Digital Bullet Journal!

One of my recent posts was about the apps that I use and love on my iPad! One of the apps is GoodNotes, which I use for taking notes for both school and personal writing. Another use for GoodNotes is for bullet journaling! There was a recent update for the app that added dotted paper,… Continue reading Why I Have a Digital Bullet Journal!

Holiday Bullet Journal Essentials!

I can't believe that I've been bullet journaling for an entire year! I've loved doing it every month and it's been really good for me. Bullet journaling has helped me become more productive and stay on top of my tasks. I highly recommend it to anyone who's artistic and likes original things that are hard… Continue reading Holiday Bullet Journal Essentials!