Essentials to Keep in Your Car

There are several advantages to being able to drive a car. Being independent and able to drive where you need to is a great luxury. Another benefit of having a car would be being able have stuff with you, like school stuff or maybe anything you need for your work. I want to write about other essential things that everyone needs to have in their car.

A change of clothes

There are so many things that could happen throughout the day to ruin your outfit, from spilling coffee or tripping or stepping in mud, there are numerous ways something could go wrong.

This is why you should keep a change of clothes in the back of your car in case of emergencies. Depending on if you need professional attire or school clothes, you should keep an extra set in your trunk at all times.

You should also keep a change of comfy clothes in your car, such as a sweatshirt and sweatpants. In case of a long drive or you’re spending the night somewhere you hadn’t planned, it’s good to have comfy clothes for any occasion.


I don’t suggest keeping your entire makeup bag in your car at all times, because that could become a bit of a hassle. However, I do suggest keeping the bare essentials in your car or glovebox: concealer, mascara, some lipstick, and anything else that’s considered essential to your makeup look.

Perhaps you just need a touchup or you forgot to do your mascara in the morning (it’s happened to me before), but it’s good to have makeup in your car. You also need makeup wipes, for any potential need. It’s always good to have something like that in your car.


If you’re like me and like wearing heels on a semi-regular basis (date nights, formal events, etc) it’s good to have a change of shoes in the car. Even if it’s something comfy, like flip-flops, it’s smart to have comfy shoes to be able to change into, especially if you don’t want to drive in heels.

It’s also nice if you end up going to the beach without planning it and needing shoes that can go in the sand, you have them in your trunk! The amount of times that having a pair of flip-flops in the back of my car has saved me is way more than I can count.

assorted flip flops on sand


Like having shoes in the back, it’s good to have a hairbrush in the glovebox of your car. Sometimes before you get out of your seat you need to look presentable and having a hairbrush handy is so convenient. Sometimes I drive with my hair up in a bun and when I arrive to my destination, I want my hair down. Once I have my hair down, I need a brush to tame it.

If it’s before school, or a job, or shopping, looking nice is always important. Being able to fix your appearance if needed is such a great ability to have.


There are usually several ports within your car where you can plug in chargers. My car has USB ports, so I don’t need a car adapter but they can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or online. They’re so easy to find.

Sometimes you have a long day ahead of you and need to drive from one destination to another. Having a charger in the car is perfect because you can keep your battery from dying while going about your errands. In today’s age, when you always need your phone to be charged so people can stay in contact with you, it’s important to be able to charge it as you go.

First Aid Kit

After getting my car last year, one of the first thing I put in it was a decent first aid kit. You can get good kits from Target for a good price and keep them in your trunk in case of an emergency.

My dad was always sure to stress that it’s better to be prepared for the worst than to expect the best and not be able to do anything should anything bad happen. Ever since that day I put it in my car, I’ve used it countless times, even if it was just for Band-aids.

asphalt box color emergency

Feminine Products

Just keep them in your car. One day, you’re going to need them and you won’t be able to get one from a friend. Trust me, just keep them in there.

Organize your papers

You should always have your license and registration with you in the car while you’re driving. In case of an accident, you’ll need to be able to find your information. I like to keep all of my papers neatly folded in a Ziploc bag hidden somewhere in my car.

It’s also good to keep the registration in a hidden place because one of my friends recently got her car broken into and her registration stolen. As soon as I heard this, I moved my registration to a safer place.

Those are all the essentials that should be kept in your car! I hope they help you and the contents of your car.

Thanks so much for reading!