What to Pack in a Carry-on

I travel a lot, especially for a college student. Most of my traveling throughout the year takes place during my volleyball season, where my team and I travel all over California playing teams within our conference. Because of our schedule, I have almost mastered how to pack a carry-on bag.

The first thing to think about when packing a travel bag is where you’re going. If I’m going to be traveling to another school and being with my team, I would pack my school materials and comfy travel clothes. Depending on where you’re going, it’s important to pack appropriately.

The next thing I would think about when packing your bag is what toiletries you would need. I like packing all of my travel-sized liquids in a plastic bag so that if it spills, it’s contained and won’t ruin anything else in my bag. I make sure to pack my Rodan+Fields skincare routine, my favorite shampoo and conditioner, and a rollerball perfume along with hairbrush, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.

blur bristle brush clean

The next thing to pack would be the clothes needed for the trip. I tend to overpack and it’s something I’m working on. If I’m going on a trip for five days, I make sure to pack at least six shirts, four or so pants/skirts options, and maybe a dress. I bring at least two pairs of shoes (one comfy pair, one for any activities during the trip) and sports attire if I know I’m going to be hiking.

One of the things that is hard to work with is space within a carry-on. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tips on how to save space when packing. The easiest one is to pack socks or underwear in your shoes. I also make sure to line up my shoes in the way that will take up the least amount of space. Another tactic I use is to roll my clothes, so that they don’t get wrinkled and they are smaller, leaving more room for other items.

If you’re bringing technology along for your trip, make sure that it can be kept in a safe place and have a protective case. I use my Thule laptop case for when I have to bring my laptop with me for homework. Also make sure to pack all the chargers you will need! I’ve forgotten my phone charger on trips more times than I can imagine.

silver macbook on black case

The last thing I would suggest to pack would be a source of entertainment. I usually bring a book or a magazine I haven’t read yet for the flight and any downtime I might get during my visit. You could also pack homework or anything you need for work.

Those are all the things I do when I’m packing my carry-on! I hope this helps you during your next trip!

Thanks so much for reading!