The Importance of Personalization

In every part of my life, I want to make sure there is a way to make it unique. There are loads of easy ways to personalize everything around you, from your laptop to part of your car to your every day life.

One of my favorite ways to make something in my life unique is stickers. I love using RedBubble for finding all my sticker needs because they are so original and have such great quality. I have stickers all over, from my laptop to my bullet journal. I have motivational ones and funny ones, and some that I just think are pretty. It’s great for being able to make something around you your own by personalizing it. The most recent sticker I’ve gotten for my laptop is this Don’t Worry Bee Happy one! I think it’s the absolute cutest thing ever.

On my car, I have three bumper stickers. I have one from Cal Poly Pomona Volleyball, because I like to represent my college and my team. I have a hot pink Mammoth crown M sticker because I absolutely love Mammoth Mountain. The last bumper sticker is from Denmark, where most of my family is from. Each sticker represents a part of me and my preferences, so it helps me feel unique.

Another way to personalize things around you is have a signature thing. I have two signature things: a signature perfume and always having a pink pen on my person because I love the color. I have the Daisy Love perfume, and I adore it! It’s such a floral scent that I think it fits me personally. I started using pink pens in high school, and have been using them ever since. It’s unique and helps me stand out.

Speaking of perfume and scents, have a signature candle that you always have in your home. I love the Vanilla Honey candle from Bath and Body Works and have had multiple that have burned all the way to the bottom because I always have it lit. In my car, I have the Yankee Candle Pink Sands plug in. It always has my car smelling fresh! I highly recommend having a few scents that you have everywhere. Whenever you smell it, you’ll feel right at home.

I hope you like all the ways that I personalize my life! Thank you so much for reading!