My Role Models

Throughout my life, there have been so many people that I’ve looked up to and wanted to be like. Men and women that I’ve known or known of who I admired and knew that their attributes was something I wanted to identify with when I was older.

The first people I looked up to were obviously my parents. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a good relationship with both my mom and dad and seen many strengths within both of them as I grew up. I love my dad’s intelligence and my mom’s resilience, and I like to think I have the same qualities as they do. I love them both very much and pray that I can be as amazing as a parent as they are.

Other people that I grew up with idolizing were the novelists of my favorite books growing up. I admired J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, and amazing writers like them. When I read their books, I saw how they used the English language and their imaginations to create incredible stories that millions of people read and will continue to read for the rest of our lives. I knew that I wanted people to admire my writing like theirs, and use them as motivation when I think of how successful I want to be with my writing.

I also look up to fantastic athletes who excel within their sports. Naturally, a lot of my favorite athletes are within the volleyball spectrum. One of my biggest role models is Jenna Gray, the setter for Stanford. She is an All-American track athlete as well, just because she can. I watch her volleyball strategies and her abilities and try to mold my own skills after her. And then there’s the coaching aspect. I look up to my two coaches for Cal Poly, because they are incredibly strong women who excel in helping student athletes like myself. Not only are they some of the best coaches I have ever had (and will ever know), they are amazing people who care about me and the team like we’re family.

Some of my other role models are strong women throughout the world, from politics to celebrities for all of their different attributes. Some are elegant and kind while others are knowledgeable and beautiful. I wish to be my best self, which is a mix-up of all the qualities of others that I admire.

I am still being true to myself and my individualistic personality. But I am emulating the best parts of others as a way to better myself. I’m happy with the people I’m aspiring to be, and happy with myself.

I hope you liked this post! I’m going to start branching out on my posts to being more personal rather than just how-to’s! Thank you so much for reading.