The Importance of Cashback Deals

Finance is one of my favorite subjects. Posts like How to Save Money and Be Real About Your Finances were so fun for me to write! Recently, I had to pay off one of my credit card bills and I was able to pay off over a fifth of the bill with cashback. One of my credit cards is renowned for its cashback (one of the reasons I got it in the first place) and I love it. I wanted to share all the different ways you can get cashback and start saving money today!

Know where you can get cashback

The most important thing is to know if your card is eligible for cashback at all. I have two credit cards, and both have really great cashback deals. I have the Bank of America Alaska Airlines credit card for miles and the Discover Student Cashback card. The Bank of America card has deals that I can add through my app while the Discover Cashback card has automatic deals where I save money.

If you aren’t sure if your credit card has an option for cashback, you can usually look through the app and find out if there are any options available for you.

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Add the deals manually, if you have to

Once you know if your card has cashback deals, sometimes you have to manually add them to your “digital wallet” of sorts so that when you use your card at that place, you are eligible for the cashback.

An example of this is that my Alaska Airlines card has a deal for 5% cashback at Starbucks. Every couple of weeks, this deal expires. I have to manually go into the cashback offers and add the Starbucks option to my digital wallet so that the next time I go to Starbucks, I can get 5% cashback.

Meanwhile, on my Discover card, I automatically get 5% cashback at every restaurant for this quarter as part of a promotion. I don’t have to manually add any deal because of this.

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Keep track of your deals

One of the incentives I have for using cashback on my Bank of America card is how I can get $5 statement credit towards my bill if I use five different cashback deals! I got Starbucks once, a book from Kindle (with 20% cashback, thank you very much), and three other purchases and got $5 towards my bill.

I’m not only saving money, I’m making money. They were all purchases I would have made even if I didn’t have cashback, so it was an easy decision. A bunch of different banks use this tactic, so it’s great to keep track of all of your deals and make sure you’re on top of when the deals will expire and how many deals you have to use in order to get the reward.

These are the most important things to know when using cashback deals! I hope that this post was helpful and that it inspired you to use more cashback. Thank you so much for reading and please leave a comment down below if you liked it!