How to Ace Your Finals!

Finals week is starting today and boy, am I stressed! With the culmination of the semester, I have a slew of things to take care of before I can go home to enjoy my winter break. Since this is my junior year of college, I have definitely found a couple of tricks that help with everything! I wanted to share my pro tips so that everyone can pass their classes.

Get Your Rest!

This is the first tip because it’s the most crucial. You can’t perform if you aren’t rested. As an athlete, this has been one of the biggest rules I’ve had to follow. But now that I’m out of season, I’ve found that I need to stay rested still because I do better academically. With eight hours of sleep (at least), you can conquer anything! Sleeping will determine your success so make sure that you make time for your rest. 

Study with Classmates/Friends!

This is one of the best tricks that has helped me in college. When I go to the library, I like to study with classmates or friends. That way, I have someone who can make sure I’m keeping focused and when I finish studying, I can hang out with friends without getting too stressed. Especially if you have friends in your classes, you can study and have fun together, which is the perfect combo for finals week. You want to make sure there is a balance between working and relaxing. 

Eat Healthy!

I cannot stress this one enough (I’m sorry for the pun, but I couldn’t help it)! Like rest, you really need this tip to help you during finals week. With the right fuel, your mind will be at the top of its game. For breakfast, some of the best foods include avocado, yogurt (paired with granola is a dynamic duo), and nuts. Lunch and dinner can be filled with fatty fish (such as salmon) with some dark chocolate for dessert. All of these foods have been scientifically proven to help brain power during these stressful times! Contact me for some amazing recipes. 

Stay Hydrated!

Drinking coffee can help everyone, but just make sure that you’re intaking more water than any other liquid. There is literally no downsides to drinking water more than anything else, so just get a reusable water bottle and keep it with you at all times! Every college and high school have refilling stations all over their campuses to make sure that everyone can stay hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to drink about 100 ounces a day, give or take. It will help your brain stay alert and make studying easier! 

Study Differently for Your Classes!

The most successful way to prepare for your finals is as the class requires. For math classes, practicing problems and memorizing formulas and their applications would be the best way to go. For my International Marketing class, I’m going to have to read all of the chapters and understand the application of the concepts more than anything else. By preparing for each final in the way that’s suited for the class, you’ll have an easier time than if you study for different classes in the same way. 

Take Regular Breaks!

This is another important thing to remember. By taking regular breaks, you’re giving your brain a rest! This way, your brain will be able to retain more information rather than cramming for twenty-four hours straight. It’s been proven to be the best way to learn or remember concepts. I’ve been doing it for every finals week since starting college and this trick has never let me down. I highly suggest it. You can take breaks by hanging out with friends, making healthy food for yourself, or just watching some Netflix to relax!

These are all of the different ways that prepares me for the most stressful time of the semester. All of them have worked for me and I can’t wait to use these tricks again to get those A’s! Please leave a comment down below if you use any of these tips or have any suggestions of your own. Thank you so much for reading!




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