What’s In My Bag?

I’m constantly running around. Either from class to practice to hanging out with friends or going out, there are a few essentials that I always have in my purse/bag/backpack with me. No matter where I go, there are five things that I always have on me!

Portable Charger

This is a definite must! I always need to have my phone on me for my job and for volleyball so I can’t risk it running out of battery. I got a cute pink portable charger in high school and I’ve been using it ever since! It was super affordable on Amazon, which I linked right here! It holds a full charge and lasts forever. I barely have it charge it because I’ll only add 20% or so to my phone battery when I use it. I really recommend having a portable charger with you at all times in case you or someone around you might need it!


Fenty Lip Gloss

I’ve always had chapstick or BabyLips with me, but I’ve been loving the Fenty Gloss Bombs recently. They’re moisturizing and look good with everything. I don’t wear a lot of makeup during the week because of volleyball, but this gloss still looks nice with a natural look. Even when doing a full glam look, I’ll reach for this product. I always have one with me! Highly recommend.

Bullet Journal

This is the one thing that helps me stay organized no matter what. I have every single important event, due date, or game written down in my bullet journal and always have it on me. I can write down all of my assignments and know when I have to finish everything with a simple glance. I keep it near me so I can always update it or check it as needed. Check out some of my other posts about my bullet journal here: Why I Bullet Journal and How to Start Yours!


I’m always drinking water. Ergo, I always have my Hydroflask with me! There are tons of fill-up stations all over campus so I can drink as much as I need to and fill it up easily. Not to mention how it helps the environment by minimizing the amount of plastic that I use every day. I see tons of Hydroflasks and other reusable bottles everywhere, from volleyball to campus, and it’s such a great thing to see. You can personalize your bottle with stickers (all of mine are from redbubble.com) and really make it your own. I think everyone should have a reusable water bottle!

Perfume/Hand Sanitizer/Mints

As a college student, there are always new things popping up. Sometimes everyone will drop everything and go get dinner somewhere with no prior planning. It’s always good to be prepared and have things with you for any situation. I try to have a mini rollerball perfume with me in case I need it or hand sanitizer to always have clean hands. Breath mints are always a good idea as well.

These are some of the items that are always in my purse/bag/backpack! It was a lot of fun writing this post because I got to look through all of my bags in my apartment and found a lot of similar things in every one. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!




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