How to Meal Prep!

There are a lot of things that go into being healthy. There’s exercise, appropriate amounts of sleep, mindset, and, of course, eating right. I’ve been writing a lot about what foods I’ve been eating and how it’s been healthy me stay trim, and meal prepping is a big part of that. I have loads of ideas and tips to share that can help you meal prep like a pro!

Know What Foods You Want

This is the first part of meal prepping. You have to know what foods you want to eat, when you want to eat them, and what else you want to eat them with. Chicken is a good base for meal prepping and is the one I tend to use. I like having bases that can go with a bunch of different vegetables and sides to spice it up so that I won’t be eating the exact same meal day after day. Your base doesn’t have to be a protein, it can be plant-based or whatever else you’d like for your meal. As long as you know the foods that you want and know which vegetables/sides to pair with it, you’re good to go!

Cook a Lot at Once

For me, cooking is a bit like laundry in the sense that it’s calming and a part of my routine. Once I’m in the motions, I can kind of relax or zone out while completing the tasks. When I’m cooking a meal, this happens. It’s a good thing, especially when I have to cook or grill four or five chicken breasts. I like to have my laptop nearby so that I can enjoy a show or music while getting everything done. Multitasking in the kitchen can be hard, but super rewarding, especially when you have enough meals to get you through the week!

Have the Right Containers

This is a big one because you need to be able to transport your meals to wherever you need to go! I just got a Food Flask, which is the Hydroflask’s version of a thermos. It’s super cute and 18 oz, so it can hold a lot of food when I need it to. It’s perfect for keeping my food warm or cold, depending on the meal, and compact enough that I can put it in my backpack before leaving for my day. There are tons of different options for containers, like the Thermos option or Klee Utensils Food Storage. Once you find the perfect thing for you, meal prepping will so much easier!

Have a Place to Store It

Like I said before, I have a Food Flask. But, I need a place to put it so that I can bring it with me. I have a small bag from Lululemon that I like to store my lunches in. On days that I have a salad, I keep it in the same bag with a cooling element and any utensil I might need! It’s a great system. You could also use a lunch bag, which is fitted with insulation to keep your food at a good temperature. You can find some great options at Amazon right here! There are some really cute ones!

These are my tips and tricks for meal prepping! They have helped me get this down and integrated into my routine. I hope that this post helps you and that you liked it! Leave a comment down below if you like meal prepping. Thanks for reading!




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