My February Favorites!

Wow, February has flown by! This has been a really good month for me, both mentally and physically. Eating healthy has really changed my life for the better and I’ve found some amazing things that are delicious. I’ve also been working super hard for school and studying all the time, which has helped me a lot. Without further ado, here are my favorite things from the month of February!

Barilla Ready Pasta

I’ve been running around a lot lately. I don’t have the time that I used to in order to meal prep and line up all of my meals to ensure I’m putting the right fuel in my body. Recently, I’ve found an item that has changed my life for the better. Target really came in clutch with the Barilla Ready Pasta! I’ve been using this brand of pasta for a long time, so it’s an automatic favorite. I just open the pouch and microwave it for a minute. And then it’s ready and perfect and I can have a healthy meal with no hassle. I had this for dinner tonight, and it was amazing! I had it with some pasta sauce and broccoli from Trader Joes. I highly recommend this and you can find it right here on!

Gevalia Kaffe Caramel Macchiato K Cups

Another favorite of mine is from Target, as well! I’ve been drinking more and more coffee as I need to work more and more, from volleyball to school to work. I didn’t like how much I was spending at Starbucks, so when I was in the coffee aisle, I tried to find a new coffee and succeeded! I’ve had a Keurig since freshman year of college and have been using it for hot chocolate or boiling water for tea. I also have some hot cider K-cups lying around somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it. This drink is super sweet and delicious (and gives me all of the energy I will need to get through the day!). I love it already and know it’ll be a favorite for years to come.


I’ve been learning French! I just decided to one day and have stuck with it ever since. I’ve always been interested in the pursuit of knowledge and furthering my mind, and this is the perfect way to do it. It’s a free service, which is perfect for a college student on a budget. I’ve been able to study French a little every day and I already know way more than I did the day before. I’ve also used Duolingo to brush up on my Danish when visiting my family. I recommend it to anyone who’s interested in learning another language!

Those are my favorite things from this month! It’s a bit of a shorter list, but that’s just because I’ve been so busy with midterms, lectures, training, and work that I haven’t had that much time to explore new avenues to see if I’ll find something I like. But I liked these things and I hope you do, too! Thanks for reading!




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