My April Favorites!

Another month of 2019 has flown by. With the end of my semester approaching, it seems like every day is passing a little bit faster. I’m excited for school to be over for a little bit! It’ll be nice to have a break. When I have breaks, I can do more things that make me happy. Such as my favorites for the month of April!

Game of Thrones

With the premiere of the eighth and final season of this show, everyone has been talking about Game of Thrones. My parents, bless them, are current on the show and only have the subscription for the duration of the season. Thanks to this, I can binge watch as much as my hectic schedule can allow. I’m currently on season four, which I think is the farthest I’ve ever gotten while watching this show. I’m excited and invested in this show and plan on watching it until the end. The final episodes that are upcoming are a fantastic motivation! I recommend the show because it has a great plot line, amazing character arcs, and impressive scenery. I guarantee you’ll find something in the show that you’ll enjoy!

Marvel Avengers

Another conclusion of a franchise! Avengers Endgame has just come out and everyone is buzzing about it. I’m seeing it tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see how it ends. In preparation for watching the final film of this plot arc, I watched Infinity War for the first time over the weekend. As always, Marvel had produced a stellar film. There was humor incorporated with the plot, which made it so much more enjoyable than previous films. I remember watching the very first Avengers film when I was younger and loving it. It’s insane to see how this franchise has been developed, with all of the corresponding character arcs and movies. I’m so excited to see Endgame! I suggest everyone else sees it, too!

Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

I’ve really grown as a coffee drinker in my junior year of college! With working part-time while being a full-time student and collegiate athlete, it was bound to happen. I’ve been enjoying the Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks recently, but my good friend Gresh recommend their new cold brew and I have loved it ever since. It has more caffeine than the macchiato (which is only a shot of espresso or so, depending on the size), so it gets the job done. I also dislike coffee because of its bitter taste. With this cold brew, the sweet cream and vanilla flavoring takes care of that issue. I also get it with caramel drizzle (my sweet tooth can’t help it!). I suggest trying it the next time you want a coffee! I highly endorse it.

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

Of course, the iPad and Apple Pencil have to make the favorites list! I have been using these items every day ever since I got them. Being a paperless college student has been a dream come true, with all of the efficiency that comes with it! I love having everything I could ever need with me at all times in just one item. From my bullet journal, school notes, books on Kindle and iBooks, and more, the iPad has truly become a necessity for all of my work. I use it more than I use my laptop! I plan on using it for the rest of my academic career, and I suggest you do as well if you can. Textbooks are so much cheaper when you get them as PDFs and it won’t hurt your back to carry them anymore (something I’m looking forward to). The iPad and Pencil will be on my favorites list for a very, very long time!

These are my favorites for the month of April! This month was full of good times and I’m glad to have had the experiences that I did. Do you see anything from the list that you like? Any recommendations? Comment down below! And as always, thank you so much for reading!




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