Why I Have a Digital Bullet Journal!

One of my recent posts was about the apps that I use and love on my iPad! One of the apps is GoodNotes, which I use for taking notes for both school and personal writing. Another use for GoodNotes is for bullet journaling! There was a recent update for the app that added dotted paper, which makes digital bullet journal a lot easier. Here are some of the reasons that I switched to digital!

Designing is Easier

GoodNotes has a function where with the Apple Pencil you can make shapes and perfect lines with ease. This has made designing the spreads for the week or the month so much better and consistent than with a regular pen and paper. Designing spreads used to take several minutes between drawing it out in pencil and then going over it with pen again and having to erase the pencil. With the GoodNotes app, it’s simple and takes two seconds compared to the previously lengthy way.

It’s Always with Me

Another benefit of having a digital bullet journal is that it’s super portable. I only need my iPad to have everything I need, from my school notes to everything for my blog. It’s nice compared to having to tote around my bullet journal and big pencil case with all of the different pens I used for it. It’s lighter in my bag, as well! It’s just a tap away when I’m using the tablet. It’s easy to switch between apps and separate notebooks within the GoodNotes app.

Mistakes are a Simple Fix

I used to do everything in my bullet journal twice, once in pencil and once in ink to make sure that I wouldn’t make a careless mistake. Not only was that a time-consuming process, it wasted a lot of resources compared to a few strokes of the Apple Pencil. If I make a wrong mark, I can simply hit “undo” and the mistake is gone. Compared to some of the bigger mistakes I’ve made in a physical bullet journal, this is a relief. Have I already mentioned how much faster of a process it is, already?

Themes are Easier

Another thing that I love about the digital bullet journal is how easy it is to make the themes consistent. I’m not the most artistic person in the world, which means some of my spreads have suffered for that. With this, I can simply insert pictures that coincide with the theme to make it not only consistent, but visually and aesthetically pleasing. For May, I’m doing a pinkish theme with flowers and architecture. I doubt I would be able to draw those items with justice, so this is the best option.

Those are some of the reasons that digital bullet journaling is working really well for me. I miss my old bullet journal, of course, because there is something soothing about writing with a nice pen on high quality paper. And I got to use so much different pens and markers for the designing that it truly felt special to me. Perhaps in the future, I’ll alternate between the two. But for now, digital bullet journaling is the move! Thank you so much for reading!




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