Summer Wardrobe Essentials!

The weather in SoCal is finally heating up again! I’m excited about the summer weather because I might be able to finally get a tan (or not). Between working, working out, and hanging with friends, I have a bunch of different things always on my plate. That calls for a flexible summer wardrobe!


It isn’t summer in California without a bikini! I can finally lay out in the sun and get some color while reading a book or sipping a smoothie. I recently got some cute bikinis from and it was so affordable! I can’t wait to wear them this summer while tanning or hanging with friends.


Most people will gravitate towards sandals or flip flops but I am a Birks girl through and through. With the warmer weather, it’s the perfect shoe for running errands around town. There have been such an increase in the different styles and options for Birks that there are a pair for everyone, no matter your style!

Flowy Dresses

This style of dresses is a must! It’s such a flattering cut for every body type. And perfect for summer! Pairing a sundress with a jeans jacket or sandals is one of the classic looks of summer. You can mix it up with fun patterns or keep it simple with monochromatic styles, which is one of the reasons I love them so much! It’s such a flexible stable for every wardrobe.

Denim Skirts

I just got a denim skirt from Free People and I am so excited about it. Denim skirts are a classic style to have every summer. It’s easy to mix and match with different tops and shoes, so you can dress it up or dress it down as needed! Not to mention how many different styles and cuts there are to choose from! Some of the best brands to look at are Free People, Abercrombie&fitch, and Pacsun.

Tank Tops

The last staple that everyone should have in their closet is a variety of tank tops! My favorite tank tops are solid black or solid white. I’m not the most colorful dresser (but trust me, I’m working on it!) but the best colors for summer are brighter colors, like yellow or blue. You can’t go wrong with pastels, either!

These are all of the staples for summer wardrobes! I’m super excited for what this summer has in store and can’t wait to see what happens. What are your favorite things to wear for summer? Let me know down in the comments! And, of course, thanks so much for reading!




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