My May Favorites!

Another month of 2019 gone! This has been a great month aside from my finals week because I got to start my summer break. I got to do so many fun things in the two weeks it's been since getting out of school. I just started summer school, so there is some apprehension there, but… Continue reading My May Favorites!

Why I’m Now A Vegetarian!

About two weeks ago, I made a really big decision. I've been flirting with the idea of being vegan versus vegetarianism and comparing the two lifestyles. I've tried both styles and I found that being a vegetarian is the best choice for me personally! I've been a full vegetarian for two weeks now and it's… Continue reading Why I’m Now A Vegetarian!

Summer Wardrobe Essentials!

The weather in SoCal is finally heating up again! I'm excited about the summer weather because I might be able to finally get a tan (or not). Between working, working out, and hanging with friends, I have a bunch of different things always on my plate. That calls for a flexible summer wardrobe! BikinisIt isn't… Continue reading Summer Wardrobe Essentials!

Packing List: Girls Trip!

Early this morning, I left for Mammoth with my closest friends. We're going to ski for three days and see what other great places Mammoth Lakes have to offer (we've already hit up the hot springs and they were amazing). When I was making my packing list for the vacation, I had to make sure… Continue reading Packing List: Girls Trip!

Summer Makeup Edit!

Summer is quickly approaching and everyone is scrambling to update their vanities to have all of the essentials. I've done some research and found the makeup products that I want to have with me for summer! While some of the products are newer, there are some staples that have been current in the beauty community… Continue reading Summer Makeup Edit!

What I Have Learned From My Blog! 1 Year Anniversary!

Two days ago, on May 8th, I celebrated having my blog for a year! In that year, I have written 105 blog posts (this one makes 106!) and amassed over 1,000 views and almost 500 visitors. I have accumulated over fifty followers (thank you so much!) and have enjoyed every minute of having this blog.… Continue reading What I Have Learned From My Blog! 1 Year Anniversary!