My Summer Playlist!

I’ve been really into music lately! I’ve been listening to a bunch of new artists and finding new songs that I enjoy immensely. With the hotter weather and more frequent trips to the beach and tanning in the sun, some of these songs are perfect for the season. Here are the new songs that I have been loving!

  • Cliché | mxmtoon
  • I wanna be your girlfriend | girl in red
  • Buttercup | Jack Stauber
  • Dissolve | Absofacto
  • Airplane Mode | Limbo
  • Sunflower | Rex Orange County
  • Wait a Minute! | Willow
  • Make You Mine | PUBLIC
  • Amour Plastique | Videoclub
  • Fake Happy | Paramore
  • New Year’s Eve | Mal Blum
  • Trampoline | SHAED
  • Waves | chloe moriondo
  • I Can’t Handle Change | Roar
  • Solita | PRETTYMUCH
  • Poisson Rouge | Saint Privat
  • Moi C’est | Camélia Jordana
  • Cold Cold Man | Saint Motel

These are all of the songs I have on repeat at the moment! With all of the driving I get to do for work and commuting back and forth from school, I have loads of time to listen to great music, including the songs in my newest playlist. Do you know any of the songs? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know down in the comments and as always, thank you for reading!



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