What I Eat in a Day: Vegetarian Edition!

I’ve been a full vegetarian for almost three months now and I have been loving it. It’s so much easier than I had thought possible. And with all of the substitutions available nowadays, it’s only getting easier. Here are some of my favorite things to eat that are vegetarian friendly!


Muffins with Reduced Sugar Jam

This is my immediate go-to. Super simple, easy, and filling. When I’m in a rush to get to lecture or yoga class, this is the easiest thing for me to throw together and enjoy before having to leave the house. The muffins are only one hundred calories a piece, which is an added bonus.

Yogurt and Granola

Another staple in my routine. On my slower and more relaxed days, this is a meal I like to enjoy while reading or catching up on my favorite shows. I just found a new love in the Yoplait Light yogurts, which are just as tasty with almost half the calories of a normal serving. I also use vanilla bean granola for added taste.

Fruit smoothie

A sort of delicacy when it comes to breakfast. My favorite fruits for smoothies at the moment include strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. It really makes for a great summer fruit combination. I also add protein powder to help my muscles and make the meal a bit more filling. Works every time!


Gardein Chik’n Sliders

This has been one of my favorite meals for a while! Gardein is such an amazing brand to have so many vegan options (which only makes life as a vegetarian even easier). These fantastic sliders are small but incredibly filling, and a great meal for when you’re in a bit of a rush. It takes less than five minutes to prepare them!

Trader Joe’s California Veggie Burger

My mom found this meal for me when she was browsing the aisles at our local TJ’s (thanks, Mom!). Ever since, it has been included in my weekly meal planning. This veggie burger is delicious and affordable, which is basically perfection for a college student. I highly recommend this burger to everyone, not just those who are plant-based!


When in doubt, eat some fruit! I’ve been snacking on cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and more ever since summer started. It’s healthy and tastes amazing, especially in juxtaposition to all of the heat we’ve been experiencing lately. Find some fresh fruit this week and enjoy it, you won’t regret it!


Trader Joe’s Vegetable Lasagna

Another amazing grocery store find. While it does take a bit longer to prepare (what good lasagna doesn’t?), it’s completely worth it. This meal is amazing and can be used for multiple servings, aka perfect leftovers! I think I’m going to make it this week and enjoy it on campus.

Gardein Orange Chik’n with Vegetable Fried Rice

This might be my all time favorite vegetarian dinner since switching to this lifestyle. Orange chicken used to be my favorite meal until I stopped eating meat, but this replacement is just as good if not better! It’s easy to prepare and lower on the calories than the meat meal had been. It’s affordable and delicious, try it for yourself!

These are all of the meals I tend to eat within a day! I have such a busy schedule that it’s sometimes hard to make sure that I’m eating the right foods for my body. I can meal prep with the aforementioned meals, which makes my life so much easier. Being a vegetarian is easy, especially with such delicious meals to choose from! Thank you so much for reading!



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