My Favorite Youtubers!

Happy August! I’m super excited about this month because volleyball season is starting up again and I officially start my senior year of college. It’s so crazy to think about but I can’t wait! Starting off this month, I’ve been watching a bunch of Youtube lately. I’ve found some more Youtubers to watch that are super funny and entertaining and I wanted to share them!

Cody Ko

I’ve known of Cody for a while but I haven’t watched a bunch of his videos until recently. The cringe series is definitely my favorite (with Noel Miller) and they make me laugh. Cody is a genuinely funny guy and has a bunch of great videos, I recommend checking him out! Heads up: there is a bunch of cursing so if that isn’t for you, then you might want to find a different channel!

Hannah Victoria

This is a newer Youtuber that I’ve been following. She’s a college student with lifestyle videos, fashion ideas, and hauls and more. I’m a big fan of those type of videos so I knew I would enjoy her channel! I found her channel from her video about being a digital college student and have been subscribed ever since. She has a good variety of videos including apartment decor and beauty tips!

Noel Miller

Another popular Youtuber that I have recently gotten into. Just like Cody, he’s a super funny guy with interesting and entertaining videos. Whenever I have a moment and need a laugh, I tend to turn to this channel. I like his channel and recommend it, but with the same warning as Cody’s channel!

Michele & Cheyanne

I’ve been following these two for almost as long as they have been together. Michele and Cheyanne are super cute together and have a cute channel together. They have creative video ideas and make their content original. I also follow them on Instagram and they are they most photogenic couple I have ever seen. Honestly, this is the type of couple that will make you believe in true love. Check them out!

Sienna Santer

This is another account I found from videos about being a digital student. She’s a college student at Harvard and an all-around great channel. I love all of her college videos, from her morning routines to her day in a life vlogs. I’ve been watching her stuff for a while and I know I’ll be a fan for a long time! Highly recommend the channel.

Those are the Youtubers that I’ve been watching lately! They’re a bit more varied from my last post about Youtubers, but they’re all great channels that are entertaining and original. I recommend all of their channels because there’s something in each of them for everyone! Thank you so much for reading!



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