My July Favorites!

Another month of 2019 is over! It’s crazy how fast the summer and how fast the year is going. But I’m enjoying so much of it! I tried a lot of new things this month and I’m so happy that I did. Here are my favorites for this month!


I just started going to yoga on a regular basis this month and it’s been great. I enjoy the practice and always leave the gym feeling better than when I came in. I’m so glad that my gym membership includes yoga classes and stuff like that that I can try. Yoga is so much fun and I can see why it’s so popular. I highly recommend yoga just for how much better my body feels after!

Big Little Lies

I’ve blogged about this book before but I just finished it and wow. What an amazing read! Moriarty outdid herself with this one. I can’t wait to watch the HBO series and see how they did with that! But this book is so clever, detailed, and immersive. When I got about halfway through, I was hooked and had to finish it in one sitting to see what happens. The twist at the end made my jaw drop. I was so impressed by how the author made every single thing connect within the book. Such an inspiration! You should check it out!

Queer Eye

The fourth season of one of my favorite shows came out and I have to tell everyone about it! The Fab 5 take on some new people this season and help change their lives for the better. This is such a heartwarming show and I love all of the men, especially Karamo and Antoni. I always smile when watching Queer Eye and I think everyone should watch it and give it a try! You ever know when you’re going to find your next favorite show.

Those are all of my favorite things for the month of July. I’ve enjoyed so many things things this month but those are the three that stood out the most. I’m so lucky to be in a position where I can do yoga in my spare time and dedicate hours to reading some of the best books out there. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!



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