My Quarantine Essentials!

When I’m at home, it’s easy for me to get bored a little too easily. I blame it on my short attention span. That being said, there are a few things that I know will always keep me busy and entertained. Here are the three things that will always keep me entertained when I’m at home during quarantine time!

Reading/Watching TV or Movies

It might seem weird to put these items in the same category, but they’re all “media” to me. Either way, my attention will be consumed with the media in front of me while I enjoy the story. I finished the book Five Feet Apart last night (and with social distancing, it was a bit on the nose). Today, my show of choice was Scandal on Netflix. I like to mix it up from day to day to make sure that it doesn’t get too repetitive or complacent. This way, I will be able to switch from shows to books to movies without feeling like I’m truly in quarantine.

Bullet Journaling/Art

I posted about how I got my new bullet journal last week, and I have been working on it diligently! I definitely got this journal at the right time because what else is there to do except art? I have some colored pencils, graphite, and pastels from Prismacolor from my art phase in high school and have been working on some pieces with those materials. Thanks to my creative side, I have been keeping busy with my art and bullet journaling. Would it be an interesting topic for me to blog about? Let me know in the comments! I have loads of tips and tricks for art materials (pro tip: get Prismacolor products on Amazon, they’re way cheaper there).

Facetime Friends

I moved out of my college apartment today. Two months early. I won’t ever attend another undergraduate college class or walk across a stage in May like I was supposed to. All of that aside, I won’t get to see my college friends as often as I would like. My best friend in the entire world lives in a different state (and I was supposed to visit him next month, but I’m sure that flight will get canceled). Now, me and my friends schedule FaceTime calls! That’s how we stay in total contact when we can. From watching the same shows at the same time (Side note, check out Altered Carbon on Netflix. It’s bomb.) to just catching up with everyday life, Facetiming is the answer to social distancing! It’s the best answer to the unique problem we’re facing.

These are the things that I do in quarantine to pass the time or stay preoccupied. Everyone has different hobbies, but those are mine! I also like to write, but I felt like that went without saying. What do you do at home? Leave a comment and tell me! And, as always, thank you so much for reading!



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