What’s On My MacBook Pro?

I have had my laptop for just under a month now and I have been loving it. I have been getting so much done in a bunch of different categories. From a writing standpoint, I have never been so productive in such a short amount of time! I’ve already written over 25,000 words for my new novel. This is a tradition for me at this point! When I received my first MacBook as a gift in 2014, I immediately sat down and began working on Soulmates. A year and a half later, it was published. Hopefully this next idea won’t take so long to come to fruition! But I have been using my laptop for a bunch of other passion projects and work as well. Without further ado, here is what’s on my MacBook Pro!


Every MacBook comes preloaded with the following apps: Photos, iMove, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Siri, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Messages, Maps, News, Stocks, Home, VoiceMemos, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, PhotoBooth, Preview, Music, Podcasts, TV, Books, AppStore, Time Machine, Find My, and QuickTime Player. Since I was receiving this as a graduation gift, my laptop was eligible for the Education Bundle of Pro Apps from Apple. The Pro Apps Bundle for Education include: Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, Logic Pro X, and MainStage 3 for a discounted price. Find out more about Educational pricing at the Apple website right here. I have used Final Cut Pro X a few times for some different videos and I am impressed by the power of it! It is such a wonderful film editing app and I know I will be using it for years to come. I also downloaded Spotify, Word, Excel, Zoom, AdGuard for Safari, Honey, and eSet Security onto my laptop so far. All were free (except for the Microsoft products, those require a subscription).


I love to browse the web in my free time, jumping from site to site. Some of my notable favorites include Youtube, WordPress, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, Apple, some of my websites that I use when I help my parents with filing, and online shopping websites. I absolutely love that with the TouchBar, I can have my website bookmarks on my Touch Bar and just tap them to take me to my favorite sites. It has been a game-changer! It has saved me so much time and I’m always excited to use that function when I open up a browser. I don’t know if this is 100% accurate, but I feel like my new computer is faster with loading websites and downloading content (is that a thing?). Either way, I have really been enjoying using my laptop for a bunch of different things.

My Favorites

My overall favorite things about my MacBook Pro can be categorized into the following: the technology, the quality of images, and how I can use it for everything that I do. The technology of the Touch Bar continuously blows my mind. It’s so intuitive and changes with every application I open. With Safari, I have all of my favorites on the Touch Bar. With Word or Pages I can alter the text by making it italicized or bolded. With Spotify, I can pause or skip the song. I love that! The quality of images is also amazing. With video editing and graphic designing, I can see the content in such a clear and beautiful way. It’s so much easier! I feel like I keep repeating myself during this post but I can’t believe how seamlessly I can work on my MacBook. Everything I have wanted to do has been so easy to accomplish. I highly recommend the 2020 MacBook Pro!


I wanted to make sure my laptop would be protected as I take it wherever I have to go. I love studying at parks and libraries and coffee shops, so I made sure I would have a case that would be able to protect my MacBook from any scratches or dents. I found the cutest case on Amazon that includes top and bottom cover, keyboard cover, and two stickers that cover up the webcam when it’s not in use. I have linked it right here. It’s so cute and the pink matches all of my other covers that I have on my Apple products.

That’s everything that’s on my MacBook Pro! I have been using it nonstop for about three weeks now and I can’t stop raving about it. I am so grateful to my family for such a wonderful graduation present. I can’t wait to use it to continue writing and for when I get my full-time job! Do you have a MacBook Pro? Do you enjoy using it for everything that you do? Let me know down in the comments! And, as always, thank you so much for reading!

Disclaimer: there are affiliate links throughout this blog post. I am an Amazon affiliate and earn a small commission on any purchases made using the links in this post at no extra cost to you (aka, it’s a win/win!).



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