My Updated Watchlist!

There are so many different streaming services at the moment, with loads of different content to choose from with each platform. I’m an avid enjoyer of television and have found many shows that I enjoy and love to either watch or have running in the background. Here are some of the shows that I’ve been enjoying recently!


Bones has been a favorite for over eight years now. I love the characters and the plot is always so interesting. It’s one of those shows that is so easy to fall into. A forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent work together to solve crimes (what’s not to love?). Everyone in the lab is so distinctive and full of life. The characters jump off the screen and the plot develops nicely throughout the series.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is my favorite cop show in existence. The diverse cast is so easy to love and everyone has their own sub-plot within each episode. My favorite thing about the entire show are the Halloween episodes because they’re so hilarious. Jake Peralta is such a lively character and the love story between him and Amy flows so naturally. I highly recommend it!

Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts

I have loved this franchise since the moment I touched Sorcerer’s Stone. iTunes had a sale two weeks ago where the 10 Film Movie Collection was less than the original price and I snagged it. I’ve been watching them intermittently and the familiarity and nostalgia of the movies warm my heart. All of the movies are works of art and the music is breathtaking. I will always recommend the Harry Potter movies and anything within the Wizarding World to anyone and everyone.


Another classic crime-solving show. In this one, a smart and highly attentive man passes for a psychic for the Santa Barbara police department and solves crimes. This might be one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. Thankfully, the entire series is available on Amazon Prime Video so it’s there for your perusal! This is one of those shows that I’m always down to have playing in the background.

Parks and Recreation

Okay, this show has so many jokes about raccoons and possums, so I have to love it (Background information: I follow multiple raccoon and possum accounts on Twitter). The humor of this show is absolutely elite and the characters grow throughout the show in a natural and fluid way. My only critique of this show is that the first season starts off a bit slow. Other than that, it’s a masterpiece. I heard Netflix might be taking it off the streaming service, but if you have a VPN (virtual private network! I have a code for you if you’re interested!) you can view it from other countries.

Schitt’s Creek

Thankfully, this one is still on Netflix. It’s a show where a rich family loses all of their money and has to move into a small town that the dad had purchased as a joke years prior. It’s so original and so funny. This is a recent favorite of mine and I’ve been telling a lot of different people about it when they’re looking for a comedic sitcom. The humor is a little tongue-in-cheek, but I still think everyone should try watching it at least once!


This is an older show, with six seasons on Netflix and Hulu. It’s about a community college and the various students who go there, including a lawyer who had lied about his education and now needed a valid degree. Donald Glover is in it, so it’s a fan-favorite for many reasons. I love the relationships between the characters. It reminds me of the friendships that are forged in college settings. It’s something light and funny to have running on in the background!

Central Park

This is a newer show that I’ve been enjoying. It’s an AppleTV+ original, available only on the platform. It’s by the same people who did Bob’s Burgers, one of the funniest animated shows around. It’s the same line of humor but with musical numbers in each episode. There are only ten episodes of the first season available and I can’t wait for the second season. I recommend it!

These are all of the shows that I’ve been watching or having on in the background! Loads of them are personal favorites of mine while some are so popular their fanbase has been compared to a cult. Have you watched any of them? Did you like them? Have any recommendations of your own? Let me know down in the comments! And, as always, thank you for reading!




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