My September Favourites!

September, one of the best months of the year, is done and gone! This was a super exciting month with a lot of new experiences and new things to try. Some of the things that I enjoyed the most were the VPN and the fact that I am bullet journaling again. Without further ado, here are my favourite things from the month of September!

Express VPN

Investing in an VPN was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thanks to the service, I can set my location all over the world and enjoy the different content that the streaming platforms offer in that area. Personally, I’ve been enjoying the UK and France Netflix the most. With the UK, I can stream all of the Twilight series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more. With France, there are tons of rom coms that aren’t available in the US. I can also be protected from different threats that could come from the internet. My IP address is hidden and my browsing won’t be tracked by anyone or anything. I recommend it for the peace of mind alone, but the added streaming content is a big bonus. ExpressVPN is one of the most highly recommended companies for VPNs. Drew from Youtube has a code that will snag you a great deal and get three months free; head over to his channel to see how to get it!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Whether I’m working on my novel, writing for the blog, or catching up on emails, there is almost always a screen near me. One of the items included in my FabFitFun box for Fall was a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Then, when my mother was browsing TJMaxx and came across another pair that was a lighter shade of tortoise and she gifted them to me. Now that I fortunately have two pairs, I always have a set on me. I use them at home and at work so that I won’t get a headache while typing away. I recommend blue light blocking glasses to everyone just because they work so well! You can find them online or wherever glasses are sold.


I have a strong love for Barnes and Noble and the different books that they offer. However, it’s no secret that there is quite the price that comes with Barnes and Noble books. I was a huge fan of Kindle books for many years for the sake of being able to instantly download the book and store hundreds of written works in the palm of my hand. Kindle ebooks were also much, much cheaper. Amazon has continued this trend because many of their books are priced much lower than Barnes and Noble (I found a hardback book for seven dollars while B&N sells it for thirteen). I was able to snag a boxed set of the Selection (five books!) for only $22. When I can, I’m always out to save money. From now on, I will buy books from Amazon to get the cheapest books. Barnes and Noble has exclusive editions of books with bonus content and fanart within them; I will continue to buy those so that I can support the authors and the artists when I can.

Bullet Journaling

I took a bit of a hiatus from bullet journaling about the time that I graduated from college. I didn’t have the structure of school to help motivate me to stay on top of the weekly spreads and I let it fall to the side. Now, I am starting a new one so that I can be motivated and get more stuff done. I want to write more, get my real estate license, and keep on top of my work as much as possible. Therefore, I’m starting back up on my bullet journaling. I am also looking forward to the mediative feeling that comes while I’m creating stuff for the bullet journal. I’ll start blogging about my monthly and weekly spreads soon!

Redbubble Stickers

I have been using for years for all of my sticker needs. Since I got a new bullet journal (and a new laptop case and there’s still some space on my Hydroflask), it was time for another sticker order. The website is wonderful for all sorts of mediums, from hoodies to posters and more. I use it predominantly for stickers, but have referred it to others who wanted custom shirts and stuff like that. The stickers are high-quality and can be reused on different surfaces (I switch them from my water bottle to my laptop when I change the theme). I also support Redbubble because it supports local and small artists. I highly recommend!

These are all of my favourite things for this month. It’s been a good month with a lot of good memories. I spent a lot to time being grateful this month for everything I have and the opportunities that lie in front of me. The VPN has been an extremely exciting opportunity because of the different content options. Have you tried it before? What are some of your favourites from this month? Let me know down in the comments. And, as always, thank you for reading!




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