My February Favourites!

Happy Friday! I cannot believe that February will be over in just two days. This month definitely flew by in comparison to January. Despite how short this month felt, there were many things that I was able to enjoy. I read so many books this month that I just might have set a new record and I found new things to like as well! Without further ado, here are my favourite things from the month of February!

A Court of Silver Flames

I have not been shy when it comes to talking about this month. I have said time and time again that this was my most anticipated book for the entire year of 2021. I read it in five days (making sure to take my sweet time to make it last as long as possible!) and enjoyed every second of it. It was such a great story of healing and finding one’s self. I think it might be my second most favourite book in the series! I highly recommend checking it out and buying one of the exclusive editions!

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

I received a sample of this iconic perfume back in November and have loved it ever since! I managed to snag a full-sized bottle of the Flowerbomb perfume and the travel/mini-sizes of Flowerbomb Nectar, Flowerbomb Dew, and Flowerbomb Midnight. Each of the perfumes are so distinct yet floral, they are perfect for a variety of occasions! Whenever I go into work, the original Flowerbomb is my favourite perfume of the group. When going to visit a friend, I like to use either Nectar or Dew. For special occasions, I could see myself using Midnight! I highly recommend checking out their perfume lines and seeing which one you like the most.

Sarah J Maas

I wrote about Maas just last week in my post about the books I had read in February–and for good reason. I have read sixteen books so far this month, and thirteen of them belong to Mrs Maas! I read her Throne of Glass series in its entirety in January and February, and then reread the A Court of Thorns and Roses series (for the third time) before A Court of Silver Flames came out. She is just such a talented writer and I cannot believe I have to way until November for the next book of hers to come out! I simply just can’t wait that long.


After reading all of the SJM books, I wanted to reread a series I hadn’t touched in a while. I bought the series on Kindle, and then remembered just how much I liked having half of the books in my personal library in the palm of my hand. Amazon is also having a deal, from now until 2/28, that if you spend $25 on ebooks, you will get $6 in ebook credit! I love this because not only are you saving money, you’re getting the opportunity to get more books for a great deal. Kindle has been so good to me, ever since I starting using it over ten years ago. I highly, highly recommend their service!

The Office

An oldie, but a goodie! I love having this mockumentary series playing in the background while multitasking. There’s just something about the humour in this show that gets me in stitches every time I watch! Ever since the series left Netflix, I found that you could buy the entire series on iTunes for only $29.99. I bought it right away so that I would be able to enjoy it without having to add another streaming service to my list. And, no ads! It was an easy decision. I highly recommend this show!

Those are all of my favourite things for the month of February! I was glad I was able to try new things and rekindle old loves. What were some of your favourite things this month? Any recommendations for me? Let me know down in the comments! And, as always, thank you so much for reading!




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