My September Favourites!

September has been good to me! I’m so grateful for everything that I was able to try and everything I got to experience. So many new things and old favourites are featured in this post–from new tech to music that has gone through so many eras it’s almost impossible to believe. Without further ado, here are my favourite things for September 2021!

iPhone 13 Pro Max

I had pre-ordered this last week when orders opened and I was able to pick it up this morning! I’ve been using it all day and I’m absolutely in love with it. The camera settings and functions are crazy. I can’t believe the detail that it can capture. I’ve been playing around with the cinematic mode (and will be filming a new video this weekend and I can’t wait to see how it turns out). I’ll most likely be posting a more in-depth review of it once I’ve used it for a while; keep an eye out for it!

These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan Fairyloot Edition

This was the book of the month from Fairyloot, one of my book box subscriptions. I just finished reading this book last weekend and it quickly became one of my favourite books that I’ve read all year. It’s high fantasy, with common tropes such as love triangles and sworn enemies. There were a lot of plot twists throughout this book and I found myself rooting for the different love interests at different points in the book. Not only is this a beautifully designed book; it’s a well-written book! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know lately. I have linked it right here on Barnes and Noble.

Final Cut Pro X

This is the editing software offered by Apple. I’ve been using it for around a year now! I’m a big fan of how easy it is to use and how much it can do. I use it exclusively for all of my videos for my booktube/bookstagram! It’s so easy to use and if I ever have any questions on how something works, I can find a tutorial on youtube or I can find an article from Apple. I like how easy the program is and how with each update it becomes more functional for the content creators.


This has been one of my favourite shows for a while. I don’t remember exactly when I discovered the show, but I can safely say that it has been one of my comfort shows for the past four or five years! It’s one of those shows that I’m always down to have playing in the background whilst working on something else. In fact, as I’m writing this, it’s on right now! It’s available on Amazon Prime and I highly recommend it to anyone who consider themselves to have a sense of humour.

Taylor Swift

I have been listening to Miss Taylor Swift constantly. I think last year when evermore came out I started listening to her again in earnest. And then she released Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Whilst this wasn’t my favourite album of hers, I found myself enjoying it immensely. I can’t wait for Red (Taylor’s Version) with all of her songs from the vault. I’m glad that she is able to express herself fully without people taking advantage of her talent and creativity.

These are all of my favourite things for the month of September! I’m so happy that I was able to get the new phone and have access to a better camera system. I’m also glad that I was able to fall in love with some old favourites. I’m so excited that fall is on the way (I saw a few leaves changing colour on my way to work!). Boise is such an amazing place to live and I can’t wait to experience my first real fall and winter. And, as always, thank you so much for reading!




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