What’s in My Carry On!

I get to visit my parents this weekend! I’m excited to see them and eat at my favourite LA restaurants (Boise is great, but I have yet to find authentic Indian food). I’m also looking forward to traveling again. I used to take perhaps two dozen flights a year for the past four years before graduating college (and the beginning of the pandemic). Traveling was something I was always excited to do; I loved seeing new places. And now I get to fly again! Another bonus of air travel: packing a carry-on.

I’ve become a bit of an (~OCD) organiser in the past few months. Everything is always in its place and space is always optimised–making packing a carry-on perfect for me. I packed light for my trip (only around three days) and wanted to leave room in my carry-on for any items that I wanted to bring home with me. Without further ado, here is everything that was in my backpack/carry on!

  • iPad Pro (Kindle app)
  • Macbook Pro (video editing in airport during layover)
  • Beats Solo 3 Headphones in Pink (Spotify usage for six hours straight!)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (Spotify & Instagram usage while on wifi/5G)
  • Cadbury Caramel Chocolate bar (in case I got hungry–I didn’t)
  • Bullet Journal (to review all upcoming events and items that had to be completed during/before my trip)
  • Hydroflask (Stay hydrated!)
  • Sweater (those flights get so cold and for what?)
  • Spotify playlist (I was listening to my dark academia playlist for the duration of my trip!)
  • Changes of clothes & birkenstocks for when not at the airport (wore my Nike Airmax 270s for the journey!)
  • Toiletries (skincare! I’ve been obsessed with Tatcha lately; blog post about that is coming soon!)

Those are all of the things that were in my backpack/carry on for my trip to visit my parents! It’s a very light load this time (when I was travelling to visit friends, I would almost need to check a bag because of all the stuff I brought!) and was easy to pack and transport. I’m so happy to be travelling again and I’m glad I got to visit California for a bit! Do you have any travel hacks or recommendations? Let me know below. And, as always, thank you so much for reading!




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