My October Favourites!

October is by far one of my favourite months of the year. In fact, September through December is the best time of the year to me. I was very fortunate this month–I was able to try several new things and enjoy experiences. Every day, I verbalise how happy I am with the life I lead and how I’m proud of my hard work. Here are some of my favourite things from the month of October!


I blogged about this program earlier this month and I am still singing its praises. This is the top tier writing program I’ve ever worked with. It’s so easier to organise everything: from minor characters to plot arcs. I’ve been using it nonstop and I think it’s worth every penny ($50 one-time payment for the desktop version). I love how it can track everything–from writing statistics, writing history, linking documents to different documents, and how everything is complied in a large binder format. And, when I’m done with my first draft, I’ll be able to export it as a .docx file and print easily! I highly recommend Scrivener to all writers! Here is a link to their website where you can find a free trial.

Kingdom of the Cursed

Kerri Maniscalco is a very talented writer. Kingdom of the Cursed is the sequel to the first book in the series: Kingdom of the Wicked. I read Wicked in 2020 when it first came out, and then devoured Cursed when it came in the mail. I snagged the Barnes and Noble edition, which has loads of bonus content. I also preordered it from The Bookish Box and Fairyloot (both of which are gorgeous exclusive editions with tons of customisations). I was sick when I read this book (you can blame the changing of the seasons) but I didn’t feel ill when I read it. I would read hundreds of pages at a time without stopping because the book was so interesting. It ended on a cliff-hanger and I’m so sad that we have to wait another year before the final book in the trilogy comes out! I have linked the Barnes and Noble edition right here.


Bones is one of my all-time comfort shows. I’ve been watching it since middle school (I think? Maybe early high school at the latest) and have been watching it ever since. It’s on Amazon Prime. I’ve watched so many of the seasons so many times that now I skip around and only watch my favourite episodes. I love the mystery and the adrenaline and how all of the characters have their plot points and arcs. Even though this is my favourite show, there are some bits that I haven’t gotten to yet–like something as major as Bones and Booth getting together (I know, I know!). Maybe one day. Until then, I’ve been enjoying my casual rewatching.


With the temperatures dropping, this is the perfect sweater weather. And, coincidentally, candle weather. With my Bookish Box subscription, I get at least one candle a month. I unboxed another subscription of mine from Illumicrate, and lo and behold, there was a candle inside. I was doing some shopping for my work (yet another reason why this is the best job I’ve ever had) and came across a local candle company in Boise called Lit and Co. I smelled a bunch of their candles and purchased one named “Sweater Weather” on top of what I had gotten for my boss. It’s so amazing! And one of my favourite shops, The Common Room, recently came out with their first ever candle: “Flying Over Velaris.” Each of the candles are so distinct and just pleasing. I highly recommend checking out all of the mentioned shops!

These are all of my favourite items from the month of October! I can’t believe that there are only two months left in 2021 (this year has simultaneously felt like forever and no time at all). I’m ecstatic to see what’s to come! I have a great feeling about November and December 🙂 I’m so lucky to have the friends and family that I do and beyond grateful for my job. I’m truly living my best life in Idaho and my only regret is not moving sooner! Thank you so much for reading!




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