My Thoughts on the iPhone 13 Pro Max!

I’ve been using my new phone for almost two months now. I have to tell you–I’m obsessed. It’s such a great device! There are three things that I noticed that are above and beyond what my old phone had been able to do: the battery life, the Pro Motion technology, and the camera. Here are all of the details of my thoughts on the iPhone 13 Pro Max!

Battery Life

When Apple was advertising and marketing for this phone, they kept going on about how the battery life was much better than it had been in the previous models. And I agree! Sometimes I’ll watch Youtube videos on my phone while working on my laptop or scrolling through Instagram throughout the day and my phone will only be at seventy percent at the end of the day. In the months that I’ve had my phone, I’ve never had a low battery warning! I can definitely attest that the battery life of the 13 Pro Max is fantastic.

Pro Motion

Pro Motion was the technology upgrade that had more fluid swiping and scrolling on the photo. Even swiping between apps and the home screen was smoother and faster (absolutely no lag). It was the first thing that I honestly noticed when I started setting up my new phone. It’s a lot easier on the eyes and everything is just so smooth! I’ve gotten used to it now, but everyone that I’ve spoken to that have bought the new phones have mentioned it as well: it’s a vast improvement to what the old phones had been able to do. If you’ve gotten the new iPhone, did you immediately notice?

The Camera

The camera on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is by far the best improvement of the entire device. For all of my content creation, this has been a godsend. Taking photos has never been easier–there are so many options for photos and videos! I love Cinematic Mode for videos (tip: play around with the settings and the focus to find what you want). My youtube (linked here!) has been elevated by the camera on this phone! I’m continually impressed with the quality of the camera and the photos/videos I have been able to take. If you’re interested in content creation or anything of the sort, I highly recommend checking out this phone!

Those are the three main things that I have found that I love about the new phone. Of course, there are tons of other upgrades and amazing features with the new phone. For a full list of features, I have linked the Apple website right here. There are loads of Youtube videos about the new phone (set ups, initial reactions, tech specs, and more!) if you want more information. I personally love the new phone and can’t wait to see what’s next in the Apple lineup. As always, thank you so much for reading!




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