I Got the Sony ZV 1!

My birthday was earlier this week and I got one of the best presents ever: one of the best vlogging cameras on the market right now. The Sony ZV1 is marketed as a great camera for beginners, but it’s honestly an amazing camera for every level. My dad, someone who has years and years of experience of working with cameras, was so impressed with the quality of the Sony ZV1 that he snagged one for himself as well.

I love content creation, especially with filming videos and taking pictures for my bookstagram (@high.lady.of.the.book.court). Ever since receiving my camera, I’ve taken several photos for my account and have filmed one video for my booktube. I’m beyond impressed by the quality of the images and how great the video turned out. I’ll link the video right here.

I have linked the camera right here on Best Buy. It’s currently on sale and you can get it for $100 off. The camera comes with a battery, micro-USB cord, a dead cat (it’s a horrible name, but it’s what a windscreen is called), and the camera itself. It’s a great deal.

The battery that the Sony ZV1 uses is a bit on the smaller side (I think it only has about an hour of battery time), but the battery is easy to purchase. I have three replaceable batteries that will make it easy to keep my camera running when I’m filming.

I also got a cool camera bag to keep everything all together in one place. I have linked the bag right here on Amazon. It can hold my camera, my bluetooth stand that I can attach to the camera, my batteries, and my SD cards/readers. I will link the SD cards right here. It’s been really nice to have all of my gadgets in one place. Whenever I’m filming outside of my normal location, it’s been really easy to grab what I need whenever I need it.

Overall, I’ve been more than happy with the camera. I’m impressed by how many options that it offers, along with the different modes. It has a bunch of different camera modes and three or four different video options, including the best vlogging mode ever: product focus! It auto-focuses on the item being displayed, faster than any other recording device I’ve ever seen. It’s been perfect for my unboxing videos!

Honestly, I highly recommend this camera to those who are interested in content creation. If you’re a videographer, photographer, youtuber, or even just someone who is interested in trying out a great camera, I recommend the Sony ZV1. You can find it on Best Buy, Amazon, Sony, and probably loads of other retailers. I got mine from Best Buy, and as far as I know that retailer has the best deal at the moment. Leave a comment down below if you have any recommendations for me or if you have any questions!

Thank you so much for reading!




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