Brand Love: Chamberlain Coffee

One of my goals for this year is to develop my caffeine addiction. This may sound like a totally bad idea, but hear me out. A few weeks ago, I was working on a coffee video for my job. I love video production, so I was excited to work on it. While filming, I ordered multiple cups of coffee. I drank them both as I edited and produced the video. That was double my level of caffeine for the day and I got more stuff done in those eight hours than I ever thought possible. I was productive–and buzzing a little bit, but you win some, lose some–and I knew that I was onto something.

I’m also a fan of Emma Chamberlain. I’ve watched some of her videos in the past and when I heard that she had revamped her coffee business, I was interested. I did some research, watched some youtube videos, and even took their coffee quiz. I found some of the coffees that would work best for me and some of the accessories that I adore!

Early Bird Blend – Coffee Bag

This is my absolute favorite from Chamberlain Coffee. Every coffee has a caffeine rating on the website and this blend has five out of five on the scale. Caffeine helps me get going in the morning, so this is the perfect blend for me. It’s a light roast and pairs with several coffee creamers effortlessly. It’s priced at $16 per bag and I personally buy the ground coffee bags so that I could use my reusable K-cup for my Kuerig. I have linked the coffee right here.

Social Dog Blend- Coffee Bag

This is my second favorite blend from Chamberlain Coffee! It has notes of milk chocolate, roasted peanuts, brown sugar, & a graham cracker finish, and a four out of five on the caffeine rating. It’s a bit darker than the light roast and more full-bodied. I recommend this blend! It’s priced at $16 per bag and I order the fresh ground option. I have linked it right here.

Night Owl Blend – Coffee Bag

This blend is a bit darker and is described as rich and velvety, toasty and creamy with notes of dark chocolate, honey sweetness, and toasted walnuts. I haven’t gravitated to this blend as much as I have with the others, but not because I don’t enjoy it. This blend has a caffeine level of three out of five. It’s priced at $16 per bag and is linked here.

Holiday Blend – Coffee Bag

I purchased this blend because it had smooth notes of chocolate and graham crackers. I wanted to enjoy it, I really did, but it wasn’t my cup of coffee. I’ll try it again with another creamer to see if it makes it more enjoyable for me. It’s a four out of five caffeine rating and is available for $20 a bag. I have linked it right here.

Fancy Mouse Blend Steeped Bag

I’ve had my eye on the Fancy Mouse blend for a while, but the coffee bag has been sold out. It’s available now. I tried out the steeped bags, but I’m afraid I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. It’s prepared in the same way as tea–poured over hot water and steeped. I don’t know how long to steep the coffee to have the strong flavor that I like, but I’ll be trying again soon! You can purchase 10 steeped bags of the Fancy Mouse blend right here.

Cocoa Grizzly – Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate and when I heard that Chamberlain Coffee was going to release their own hot chocolate, I was all over it. This hot chocolate is velvety, deep, and sweet. I use one tablespoon of the hot chocolate mix with one cup of milk for the perfect ratio. You can purchase the bag for $16 and it is linked right here.

Cold Brew Mason Jar – Square

This is one of the first accessories that I purchased, mainly because I love iced coffee. This mug is perfect for any blend and it looks so aesthetic. I personally love it and recommend to everyone! It’s $16 and linked right here.

Stainless Steel Straws – Limited Edition Rose Gold/Gold/Silver

To go with the Cold Brew Mason Jar, I got the super cute metal straws that are so pretty. I love metallics, so this was perfect for me! The straws are limited edition and available for $15. I have linked the straws right here. There are a bunch of different straw options, including chracter art for some of the other blends!

Night Owl – Coffee Mug

Fun fact, I actually got this mug for free. When I had made my first order, the hot chocolate had just been released. The order was delayed for a few reasons, and Chamberlain Coffee threw in a free mug for the delay! I was so appreciative and I think the mug is super cute. And, great news: the mug is currently on sale! You can get it for $14 right here.

Cold Brew Mason Jar – Large

Iced coffee is like free money–the more, the better! When I saw that this larger mason jar was avaialble, I jumped on it. I love this mason jar even though the lid doesn’t come with space for a lid like the regular square amson jar does. Good news: the lids are interchangeable! I can use the metal straws and the lids and enjoy it just the same! It’s for sale at $19 and is linked here.

Transparent Tumbler

On the days that I head into the office and crave iced coffee, this transparent tumbler is perfect for the job. It’s so cute and fits so much coffee. I aboslutely love it. It’s priced at $19 and linked right here. I highly recommend it!

These are all of the items that I have tired and enjoyed from Chamberlain Coffee! One of my big goals this year is to work on my caffeine intake and I’m glad that I get to have so much fun as I do it. I recommend Chamberlain Coffee because of all of the different options that are available. If you take thier coffee quizm you’ll be able to find out which of their blends that you would enjoy the most. I have linked their website right here. If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know down in the comments. And, as always, thank you so much for reading!




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