What I Eat in a Day

After writing my How Eating Healthy Changed Everything post, I have been so conscious about what I’m eating. I have been so good about cutting out processed foods and sugary items that I used to crave. Ever since I started eating clean, the idea of some of the unhealthy foods that I used to love don’t sound appetizing to me anymore.

I have officially stopped snacking in between meals and only eat when I’m truly hungry (not just bored, as I used to). I make sure to eat some of the same things every day because I like repetition and having a routine. Doing this makes meal-planning very easy.


Since in the summertime I have to wake up early for work, working out, or playing volleyball, I make something simple yet filling. I have been eating a lot of toast lately, either with strawberry jam, Nutella spread, or with avocado (with the Everything but the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s). This is a super quick easy meal that will tide me over until lunch time!

bread food toast breakfast


Lunch is one of those meals that has the most variety in my routine. Sometimes I have an arugula salad from Trader Joe’s, a grilled cheese with Oatnut bread and reduced fat cheese, or strawberry yogurt with granola. Depending on my mood (or how much time I have), I can switch these meals up all the time or eat the same thing for three or four days in a row. Like I said, I love having a set routine.

vegetable salad with wheat bread on the side


For dinner, I like eating something with protein and maybe a few carbs. I don’t tend to keep track of calories or my macros and micros so by making sure one of my meals has protein in it, I know my bases are covered. Lately, I’ve been eating whole grain pasta with Ragu meat sauce and ground beef with garlic bread, salmon baked in the oven with rice, or grilled chicken breast with baby potatoes and green beans.

While all of my dinner options sound like they take a lot of work or have a lot of ingredients, they are super easy to make. While my family and I make them at home, I also tend to make these dishes while I’m at college. They all take under an hour to prepare and they are so delicious that it’s worth every second.

brown fish fillet on white ceramic plate


On the rare day I will have dessert, I have been making my own homemade popsicles with lingonberry concentrate and water. While it might have more sugar than anything else I eat, it’s a healthy alternative to other dessert items I used to frequent (I haven’t bought Ben and Jerry’s in months and I am quite proud of that fact).

cold dessert food ice cream

That’s all I tend to eat in a day! I make sure to keep busy so that I won’t want to snack on anything or ruin my appetite before a meal. Between working out three to four times a week and playing volleyball three times a week, it’s a lot of work to make sure I’m putting the right food in my mouth. But, thanks to a lot of dedication and research, I can confidently say I am eating the best I ever have.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions for meals, please leave a comment below.