Easy Halloween Decor, Costumes, and Tricks and Treats!

Halloween is one of the best things about October. I love seeing all of the decorations, the costumes, and the hacks that people come up with for spooky season! Every year, people become more and more imaginative and creative.


I think the easiest thing to prepare for is decor! There are tons of great options from Micheal’s (and they always have amazing coupons for huge savings) that I gravitate towards. You can find less expensive options that can be reused over the years or purchase a big decoration that will definitely be seen and appreciated.

Michael’s has actually separated their Halloween decorations into different collections to make it easier to select and find what you want! Their options include Lemax Spooky Town, Hocus Pocus Collection, and Moonlight Manor Collection. All of them are focused on different types of Halloween, ranging from cutesy family friendly to downright spooky.

Another easy way to trick out your home is to decorate it with mini-pumpkins! Over the weekend, my mom had surprised me with three adorable little pumpkins from Trader Joe’s that I could put in my windowsill at my apartment. It’s so low maintenance and inexpensive yet festive. Another cheaper option would be to get Halloween lights from Target (like the ones pictured below) for $4 and string them along your porch or your living room.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.10.39 AM.png


Across all age groups, everyone dresses up for Halloween in one way or another. In college, there are tons of opportunities to dress up in costumes and change up what you’re wearing. Because of this, everyone wants to find easy costumes so they can switch it up whenever they want to. Here are some easy options for anyone!


Wear something black and draw a nose and whiskers on your cheeks with black eyeliner. It’s the easiest costume in the book for a reason! Super simple and a classic look. I’ve done it at least three times over the past six or so years. For a more sultry look, add black fishnets! Add a cat-ears headband if you have one lying around.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.55.00 PM.png

Business Casual 

This is actually one of my costumes for this year! Wearing a white collared shirt and black shorts, I was super comfortable and everyone could guess what I was. It’s one of the simplest costumes I’ve ever had (and I didn’t need to wear any special makeup or purchase any additional clothing).

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.54.26 PM.png


I’ve seen multiple hippies for costumes and we’re barely halfway through October! This one is also a classic. If you have anything with peace signs on it, you have everything you need for the costume. It’s also one of the more comfortable costumes, which is a big bonus.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.53.43 PM.png

Any of the Disney Princesses

Depending on what color hair you have, you have options as to which princess you can be. Since I’m a blonde, I can choose between Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, and Rapunzel! If I were a platinum blonde, I’d try for Elsa. To dress up as a Disney Princess, just wear their color (Red=Snow White, Blue=Cinderella, etc.) and have basic makeup. Easy, cute, and classic.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.53.14 PM.png

Greek Goddess

For the last costume, I wanted to bring up an easy costume that would require a bit more work than the others. All you need a white bedsheet, some gold jewelry, and a brown or gold belt. If you wrap it correctly, you won’t even need to cut the bedsheet! You can find the tutorial to how to make this yourself here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.52.11 PM.png

Tricks and Treats

I love baking and I love Halloween. Combining two of my favorite things is always fun and it can be delicious, too! I gathered a few Halloween recipes that are sure to leave you and your family begging for more. Here are my favorites.

Spider-Web Cupcakes

If you’re having a Halloween party or are in the mood to bake something spooky, this is the perfect recipe for you. It takes an hour and a half to make and yields nineteen total cupcakes. The mouth-watering recipe can be found here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.58.14 PM.png

Spider Toothpicks

This isn’t necessarily a recipe, but it’s a fun Halloween party trick. All you need for this is spider rings (you can find them at Party City) and toothpicks (Target or any other supermarket). By sticking the toothpicks in the spiders, you can place them on any little bite-sized treat you lay out for your guests.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.05.02 PM.png

Spooky Halloween Brownies 

Another great recipe for Halloween parties! Delicious, easy, and perfect for fall. You can use any brownie recipe (I would try any of the ones from Martha Stewart), grab some Oreos, and some frosting and go to town! You can try this downright-scary recipe here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.11.33 PM.png

This was so much fun to write! I absolutely love Halloween and fall and I can’t wait to try all of these recipes, costumes, and decor. While I was researching all of these items, I had to refrain from purchasing all of the spooky things. I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying your fall season! Thank you so much for reading.




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