Spring Cleaning: Why You Should + Hacks!

I’m making April the month of tidying up! Just like March was the month of fresh starts, I’m making a theme for this month. A big portion of tidying up can come through in spring cleaning. I’ve seen a bunch of different interpretations of spring cleaning over the years and my personal definition is “cleaning/tidying up a significant part of home/life in the pursuit of spring renewal.”

Why You Should Spring Clean

Cleaning is sort of a calming ritual for me. I love falling into the routine and letting my mind flow while taking care of everything. I have found that spring cleaning is one of the most cathartic things to do in this season. There are plenty of studies that show after a big cleaning, the person will feel relaxed and more at peace. Having a clean space can improve moods and anxiety. I highly recommend spring cleaning because it’s a great way to refresh your home.

Hack #1: Make a List

I find that making a list is the best way to start. The beauty of spring cleaning is that everyone does it differently and in their own way. My personal list is usually of which room/place that I want to clean and how I’m going to do it. An example would be my apartment: I want to clean my desk, organize my closet, and re-order my shoes. If I need to, like with my closet organization, I would make a more detailed list of what I would have to do, like how I want the hangers to be placed and if Im going to color-coordinate it. I found that this really helps with starting the spring cleaning process and following it all of the way through.

Hack #2: Tackle a Little at a Time

This is another tidbit that really saves me when I’m cleaning. When you take on too much at one time, it makes the task seem more daunting than it truly is. Sometimes I will only clean a corner of the room, like where I keep my shoes or the surface of my desk. There’s the handy two-minute rule, as well! If you can do it in two minutes, do it right then and there. You’ll feel much better after doing it and it will take no time at all! I like this rule because I’ll tidy up my room right before I go to bed and wake up in the morning to a clean room.

Hack #3 Listen to Music While Cleaning

The last hack is about keeping yourself distracted from how boring cleaning can be sometimes. I found that listening to music is better than having a video or tv going on in the background because videos might entice you to watch it instead of cleaning. With music, you can sing or dance while still focusing on the task at hand. And depending on your mood, the more upbeat the music is, the faster you can clean! It’s a great system that works for me whenever I have to tidy up or spring clean. I recommend it to everyone, unless you have a different thing that works for you. If you do, let me know what it is in the comments!

That’s why you should partake in spring cleaning and some hacks to help you along the way. Thank you so much for reading and let me know in the comments what you do for your spring cleaning!




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