What’s In My Backpack?

I was happy to be on my spring break but now my school work is picking up and I’m finding I have a lot of projects and assignments coming up. Due to this, I feel like I’m always studying or finding time to go to the library. Since I love writing about all things college, I wanted to write a fun twist on my post a few weeks back, What’s in My Bag? Here’s the essentials I keep with me in my backpack!

iPad Pro

I have recently become a paperless college student! For the past two and a half years I was using my MacBook Air for all of my studies but with this iPad, I can do everything I did with my laptop and more. I love taking notes on the GoodNotes app with my Apple Pencil and being able to take notes directly on PowerPoint slides for lectures. I can keep track of everything with my iPad, from text messaging, email, blogging, reading, and more! I love the feel of it and find that it’s more convenient than my laptop. I plan on writing about it later, stay tuned for that post!

Apple Pencil

This goes hand in hand with my iPad Pro! The Apple Pencil is my stylus for my tablet and it makes taking notes as easy as pie. It works with all of the other apps on it as well, which is a big game-changer for me. I like using it when I’m scrolling through my email or checking some of my social media. I have the first generation Apple Pencil, and I really like it so far! The second generation Pencil has a bunch of new features, but also a price bump. The first generation one just made more sense for me!


I always have my water bottle with me. Always! Being a collegiate athlete and student means running all over campus for practices, workouts, and classes. I need to stay as hydrated as possible at all times. I have the 40oz Hydroflask and found that it’s the perfect size for me! It fits easily in my backpack in the side pocket and it holds so much water that it lasts me for a long time before having to fill it up again. It’s also fun because I decorated my Hydroflask with a bunch of stickers that I got from redbubble.com (aka the best site to get stickers from, ever!). It’s super important as a college student to always have a refillable water bottle with you. This Hydroflask keeps me hydrated and it’s worth every penny!

Portable Charger

Since I’m using an iPad, my tablet and phone use the same charger. This turned out to be super useful because whenever one or the other are low on charge, I can just bring it out and start charging it! When I was using my laptop, I had to have two different chargers (and the laptop charger was quite large compared to the one I carry around now). This way it’s easier! And I highly recommend always having a portable charger on you; I can’t count the number of times that this has helped me in a pinch. Whether you’re cramming in the library or running out of battery on your phone and need it soon, it’s a necessity.


This is a given! Half of the time, I drive to my classes because the business building is on the other side of campus from my apartment. And it’s always good to have your wallet on you in case you need to buy food on campus or need to show your ID to someone. It’s just one of those things that you should always have with you!


With how dry it’s starting to get, this is also a necessity! Given how much I sweat during a practice or workout, I always need to have chapstick with me to ensure that my lips won’t be too chapped. Another substitution for chapstick would be lipgloss or lipstick (I usually only wear makeup for a presentation or on days that I don’t have practice) depending on your needs! I highly recommend having this with you at all times.


The weather always changes throughout the day in Southern California. When I have morning classes, it’s usually a bit colder and then it warms up throughout the day. I usually have my jacket on for the morning lecture and then store it in my backpack until I need it again. After practice, when I have another lecture, it’ll be more chilly and I’ll break out the jacket again. It’s always great to have with me because some of my classrooms always have the AC on and are positively arctic. I never go anywhere without a jacket.


Another student necessity! I love having headphones with me because they’re great for when I want to listen to music when I study in the library or need to take a phone call while walking to class. My favorite thing to do right now while walking to class or practice is to listen to podcasts. I’ve found some great ones and they’re either funny, inspiring, or straight-up interesting! By always having headphones on me, I can listen to music/podcasts or take phone calls whenever I want!


There are some random things that are always in my backpack and have always come in handy: gum/breath mints, my keys, spare hair ties/scrunchies, hand sanitizer, pencil case, travel pack of tissues, small bag for jewelry (I have to take everything off during practice), and bobby-pins. I love having this stuff with me because it comes in handy when I least expect it. If you’re a girl, you should have some of these with you at all times!

These are all of the necessities that I keep with me in my backpack! If you’re a college student, what do you keep in your backpack? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know down below! Thank you so much for reading!




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