My May Favorites!

Another month of 2019 gone! This has been a great month aside from my finals week because I got to start my summer break. I got to do so many fun things in the two weeks it’s been since getting out of school. I just started summer school, so there is some apprehension there, but overall it’s been a really good month. Here are some of my favorite things from May!


One of my favorites shows started a new season this month! I was excited to hear that Hannah B. would be the Bachelorette because I had liked her during the previous season of the Bachelor. So far, she’s been a strong and independent woman on her journey for love and I support her actions. With the first three episodes aired, I already have some favorites picked out. I love Peter and Connor (so sweet and thoughtful!); I hope that she falls in love with one of them! Do you watch the Bachelorette? Do you have any favorites? Let me know down in the comments!


Since I just switched to being a vegetarian about two weeks ago, I needed to find some protein substitutes that would keep me in a good place while being an athlete. I found Gardein at my local Target and have loved it ever since! My two favorites at the moment are the Chick’n Teriyaki and the Orange Chick’n. They’re so delicious and filling. I don’t even have to miss eating meat with these meals. They’re also super affordable, which is a big thing for a college student on a budget. I highly recommend it to every vegetarian and vegan.

Queer Eye

While watching one of my favorite Netflix originals, Nailed It!, I saw they did a special episode with the men from Queer Eye. I thought they were funny and original, so I started watching the show. I immediately regretted not starting sooner! It’s a great show about five gay men making over straight guys to help them be better versions of themselves. Each of the men are quirky, knowledgeable, and kind. I always find myself laughing out loud while watching the show. I recommend it to everyone, because there will truly be something in each episode for everyone. Check it out!


I blogged about this app back when I was blogging about the apps I had to have on my iPad. I have used this app almost every day ever since I got it! It’s a lettering app, so I can create titles for all of my notes or bullet journaling needs. My parents use it for their business as well, which I why I can have access to the Pro version of the app (which includes sooo many fonts and options!). I love the ability to customize everything and really make it my own. If you have an iPad, it’s a must have!

These are some of my favorite things from this month! May has been full of changes, but they have been almost all amazing changes. I’m so happy that I’m a vegetarian now and that I found Gardein, just as happy as I am that I have the app Over to make everything my own. Shows like Bachelorette and Queer Eye don’t hurt, either! Thank you so much for reading!



2 thoughts on “My May Favorites!”

  1. Loved the fact you used Over to prep your handwritten signature for the blog! Such a great tool.

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