My Cardio Workout Routine!

I have been loving going to the gym recently! On average, I’ve gone about five times a week ever since my summer started back in the beginning of May. I alternate between strength training, cardio, and yoga. My cardio workout routine has been one of my favorite things about the gym and I wanted to share it with everyone!


This is a new machine I started trying back in May and have stuck with it ever since! The rowing machine is so great for your shoulders, legs, and back. I also love how the machine comes with built-in workouts such as 5,000 meters or 30 minutes of straight rowing. When I go to the gyms with friends, I like to do rowing with them so we can be competitive with each other and push ourselves to be better. I highly recommend the rower!


An absolute classic! Like the rower, there are loads of built-in workouts to choose from, like fat burner or leg sculptor (my personal favorites!), or you can change the settings to make it as hard as you want. On my pure cardio days, I usually head to the elliptical first and either do Fat Burner for half an hour to an hour or Leg Sculptor. Those are the ones that I have found to work best for me and my body type. Pro hack: watch Netflix while doing it!

Stair Stepper

This is for my harder cardio days. I climbed for one hundred floors yesterday and I really had to push myself. I like doing the stair stepper for about two hundred calories or half an hour, whichever comes first. There are also some workouts that you can choose from the machine, but I always end up choosing the workout that alternates the intensity level of the stairs. It’s a great workout!


Another classic that everyone ends up trying out sooner or later. On my easier cardio days, I use the treadmill for walking at a high pace or to run on the harder days. I don’t choose this machine often, just because I like the other ones so much better and find that they really work for me (running sometimes hurts my knee because of the high impact). But on the days that I want to break out of my routine, I gravitate to this machine!


This is one of the most consistent things ever for me when it comes to working out at the gym. Every morning, I warm up by biking two miles. When I’m biking for cardio, I do intervals of pedaling as hard and fast as I can followed by an interval of biking more slowly so that I can recover. It’s part of the workout that my strength coach back at college had us do and I really like it. I recommend the bike for everyone!

Those are all of the parts of my cardio routine! I usually work cardio for about an hour depending on the day, but I bounce between all of these machines. Do you like any of them? Have you tried any that I didn’t mention and think I should check out? Let me know down in the comments. Thank you so much for reading!



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