My June Favorites!

June has been a super fun month! I got to do a lot of things and try a lot of new things. I’m actually in Phoenix, Arizona for the first time right now as I write this. Arizona is hotter than I’m used to, but all the other things about this state more than makes up for it! Without further ado, here are my favorite things from the month of June!

Platform 909

This cafe is one of the cutest things ever. It’s Harry Potter themed, which is right up my alley (I’m taking a literature class on the series in the fall!). The cafe has a bunch of teas and coffees to choose from that I adore and it’s the perfect study space with eclectic decorations and charming music playing overhead. I stayed here for several hours while studying for my midterm and I think a part of the reason I did so well was because I was in the right environment to be productive! And the best part is that it’s close enough to walk to, so I can get my steps in! I know I’ll be visiting this cafe for a long time to come.


This is an Arizona favorite of mine! One of my really good friends, Kylie, took me here while I was in town and it was one of the cutest restaurants I have ever been in. The decorations were absolutely beautiful and the lighting was so cute. The food was to die for, as well! I had a GlowBowl, which was vegetarian and delicious. It’s healthy and affordable, which are two of my favorite things as a college student! There are one or two FlowerChilds open in California that I will definitely be trying out. You should, too!


This app has been used so much this month! I’m trying a new style with my digital bullet journal where I hand write all of the titles and text with the calligraphy tools within the app and I have been a big fan. I also used it for my blog, if you couldn’t tell! My sign off is now more personal and my cover image can be changed as much as needed for all of my posts. This app is a must have for everyone with an iPad! It’s worth every penny and can be used for a myriad of other things. I highly recommend it!

Big Little Lies

This is my newest read of the month (I just started it, no spoilers please!). Liane Moriarty has been an author I have been looking forward to reading for a long time now and I am excited to finally read one of her works. I’m only a few chapters deep at the moment but I can already tell that the book is well-written and will have a great pace its entirety. My mother has watched the HBO series and has nothing but good things to say about it, so I have high expectations for this novel! I’m excited to read it and see how it develops!


I have been really into watching YouTube videos about how different people use their iPads for their schoolwork! I have learned some great tips about how to use my different apps and the tools within them (which is a part of the reason Procreate is a part of my favorites this month!). To me, it’s entertaining and educational, which is perfect for me! Of course, I have been watching videos from some of my favorite Youtubers as well, like Aspen Ovard and Sierra Furtado. YouTube is overall a really great platform that I use almost daily for entertainment.

Those are all of my favorites for the month of June! All really great things in their own ways and all unique to themselves. I know I’ll be visiting Platform909 a lot over the next couple months and will try to find the closest Flowerchild for my GlowBowl! And I’ll most likely talk about Big Little Lies in my next blog post about books. Procreate and Youtube will always be something that I use almost daily, because they’re both amazing! Do you like any of these things? Let me know! And thank you so much for reading!



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