I’m Trying a Juice Cleanse!

This week, while hanging out with some friends in Newport Beach, we went to a Pressed Juicery. I have heard loads of things about this company, both good and bad. I was intrigued by them, and tried one of their Freezes and the Charcoal Lemonade. Both were awesome! After enjoying the first order so much, I looked into Pressed Juicery and liked everything that I saw.

Pressed Juicery’s mission is to “set the standard for cold-pressed juice by abiding to a simple, guiding principle: nutrition should be delicious, affordable and accessible to everyone. Our farm-to-bottle promise provides millions of customers with healthy juice sourced from California’s Central Valley.” Pressed has juices, soft-serve made from only six ingredients, and shots of different vitamins and nutrients.

I was looking into the different items that they offer and Juice Cleanses are one of them! They offer three different cleanses: Cleanse 1, Cleanse 2, and Cleanse 3. They are also listed in order of experience needed for the cleanse. The first one, Cleanse 1, is for beginners while Cleanse 2 is the most popular and Cleanse 3 is for the experienced consumers of Pressed.

As a beginner, I will be trying the Cleanse 1 on Monday! I’m excited to try it, but also nervous because it sounds a bit daunting. Pressed lists the benefits of juice fasts as “resetting your routine, better well-being, and detoxing” your body. Cleanse 1 is described as “if you’re new to cleansing, this is the juice cleanse for you. Upon waking, drink your first juice, and drink your next juice in order every two hours thereafter. This bundle includes: 1. Vanilla Almond, 2. Greens 2, 3. Roots 2, 4. Citrus 2, 5. Greens 3, and 6. Chocolate Almond.” Regular pricing for this bundle is $34.50, but VIP members can snag this for $30. Right now, Pressed is having a promotion where you can buy six juices (a full-day fast) for $25! Members have the added bonus of 7 drinks for $25. This deal expires on January 31st.


I’m excited to try this cleanse! I will for sure let everyone know how it goes and how my body feels during and after. I’ve read a bunch of their reviews and heard all good things. Let me know if there are any questions you have! Have you tried Pressed Juicery before? What did you like? And as always, thank you so much for reading!



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