My July Favorites!

Is it just me or did this month just fly by? I feel like July just started and it’s already over. But I was fortunate this month, I was able to try a bunch of new things. I made some big changes this month, like switching to physical books from Kindle books, changing up my favorite shows, and increasing the amount of music I listen to. All in all, I think this month was one of the better ones of 2020 (which is remarkable, honestly). Here are some of my favorite things from July!

Barnes and Noble

My last post was just about B&N, no wonder the bookshop made it into my Favorites post! No joke, I have been there at least once a week in the past three weeks (some were to make returns, I accidentally bought something I already had). There is just something so relaxing about wandering amongst books and imagining all the stories that lie within. Barnes and Noble has always had a special place in my heart, and I am so glad that I am falling back in love with physical books. While it is more expensive than Kindle ebooks, I like knowing that the money is going to support authors and a bookstore that has had a huge impact on me throughout my life. I highly recommend going to your nearest Barnes and Noble to check out their selections (and chatting with the booksellers! they’re so kind!).

Twilight Series

I read Twilight for the very first time in elementary school. I have reread the series at least half a dozen times in the years since my first read. And now, with Midnight Sun being released in just a few days, I reread one of the dearest series to my heart. In all, the Twilight series has six books at the moment (Midnight Sun will be the seventh). Of course, there are the original four books of the saga: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. My personal favorites are Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, followed almost immediately by Twilight. New Moon was never my favorite, but my most recent reread of it was more enjoyable that anything else (maybe because in the years that have passed since reading it I experienced a serious break-up and could relate more to Bella? I’m not sure). Either way, the original saga holds a big piece of my heart. The two other books included in the series are The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and Life and Death. The former is a novella following a minor character that starred in Eclispe while Life and Death is a gender-bent Twilight where Bella is a boy and Edward is a girl. I’ve only read it once, immediately after purchasing the Tenth Anniversary edition of Twilight (it was featured as a double-book, but is now available as its own paperback). It’s pretty good and I look forward to reading it again! I’m more than excited for Midnight Sun to come out (already reserved my copy at my local B&N!) and can’t wait to read and review it!


I’ve been a premium member of Spotify since my senior year of high school and it has been more than worth it! I love being able to download music offline and having personalized playlists made for me weekly. Not to mention the shocking amount of playlists made for all sorts of different occasions and for different characters. For every mood, there’s a playlist. And then there’s the selection of podcasts to choose from! It’s so worth it to me and I am more than happy with my subscription. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Pretty Little Liars

I love HBO Max. I love having shows running in the background while I’m writing or working and there are tons of great shows to choose from. Pretty Little Liars is a show I’ve always had on in the background, ever since it first came out. I never had the chance to watch the series all the way through, and now I do! This show is full of drama, romance, and lovable yet flawed characters. My favorites on the show are Aria and Ezra! I’ve been watching this show nonstop so it makes the list for July!

Book Outlet

Books can be expensive, especially hardcovers. With my luck, all of the books I’m interested in are all hardcovers and usually full price at Barnes and Noble. I’ve been in the book community for a while, but I heard about Book Outlet for the first time recently. I checked it out, of course, and was happy with what I found! I was able to snag six books (four of which are hardcover) for less than $40! I was able to pick up Dumplin’, I See London, I See France, Again, But Better, Alex, Approximately, Love & Luck, and A Curse So Dark and Lonely. The last four books are incredibly popular right now and are all hardcover. However, all of these are bargain book copies which means: “Bargain books are excess inventory or store returns from publishers that are discreetly marked with a small dot or line on the edge of the pages and, while most are in great condition, some books may exhibit minor cosmetic wear and tear.” I haven’t received my order yet and I won’t lie, I’m a little worried some of the books might be a little worse for wear. But I’m staying hopeful until I see the books when they come in! Book Outlet is a nice way to get books for cheap and increase the amount of books in your library, I recommend checking it out!

Those are all my favorites for the month of July for 2020! While writing this, I realize how many of my favorites are book-related (sorry not sorry). I’m really happy that I’m starting to read more and more because there are so many wonderfully talented writers with loads of content and more books are being published all the time–I think this is the best time to get into reading, especially since we all have a bit more free time on our hands. What were your favorites for this month? Let me know down in the comments and as always, thank you so much for reading!




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