Brand Love: Prismacolor!

I’ve gotten into art again recently! I’ve been bullet journaling and book journaling forever, but I haven’t poured time and effort into actual art in a long while. This week I had the urge to pick up the pencil again and really get back into it. I was into art years and years ago, and still had the supplies I used then. I loved Prismacolor’s art supplies, especially their coloured pencils. Over the years, I’ve gotten products from Prismacolor from all over. Amazon, Michael’s, Office Depot, and Office Max. While they might be expensive, they sure are easy to find anywhere you go! Some of the sets are even in Target. Without further ado, here is my collection of Prismacolor products and tools!

Premier Graphite Pencils with Erasers and Sharpener, 18 Piece Set

This is one of the sets I got back in 2013. The quality of the pencils is amazing and the blending is a dream. I highly recommend this set for sketching, freehand, and shading. I don’t use any of the materials in this set for my bullet journaling, but for my art. This package has everything you could need for a variety of projects and I’m always glad to have it in my collection. I have linked the set right here on Amazon.

Color Pencil Accessory Set, 7 Piece Set

This is one of those accessory sets that end up being some of the most useful tools in your arsenal. Every single piece in this collection can be used with other Prismacolor products. I especially love the blending coloured pencil and the marker; I’ve used those two item the most out of everything. I recommend this set if you’re into blending and making sure that the colour payoff is there in every piece of art you make! I have linked the set right here on Amazon.

Premier Color Pencil Soft Core Pencil Pack of 24

This was the first material I ever got from Prismacolor. The original 24 pack had a different package, but the shades are all the same. I love these pencils (and still have all of them to this day!) and use them in my bullet journal, book journal, and art. The colors can blend like nothing else and can create such a variety of color and shading. If you were to get anything from Prismacolor, I would start with this set! I have linked it right here on Amazon.

Premier Water-Soluble Colour Pencil Set 36 Count

I have the 24 pack as well, but I recently purchased the 36 count of the water-soluble color pencils because they are amazing to work with! I use these the most in my bullet journal and I love the effect that the pencils create. With a water tool (I got mine from Michael’s for about $5), I can make very precise marks and create wonderful spreads. When I first heard about these, I didn’t know how much I would love them. And now, years later as I’m falling in love with art again, I’m feeling the same admiration for the pencils. I recommend them and have linked them right here on Amazon.

Premier Soft Core Color Pencil Portrait Set 24 Count

This is my most recent snag from the Prismacolor line. I want to start incorporating more texture and blending into my art and my spreads for book/bullet journaling, and this set is perfect for it! I’ve very excited to familiarise myself with the colours included in this palette and see the different combinations that can be created. I have linked it right here on Amazon.

Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils Botanical Garden Set Pack of 12

I just got this one in the mail and I’ve been loving it! The colors are so rich and match my current theme for my bullet journal so well. This is one of the smaller sets with only 12 pencils, but the colors work together so beautifully that the smaller amount doesn’t effect the blending ability. I love that there are so many sets that are specific to a certain type of art or genre. I highly recommend and have linked it right here on Amazon!

These are all of my materials from Prismacolor! This brand really has a lot of amazing items to offer the art community. While they are more on the expensive side, I think it’s worth it because the quality matches the price. Some of these pieces I’ve had for over eight years and they still look like they’re brand new. I’m very happy that I have fallen in love with this brand again because all of my artistic pursuits are benefiting heavily! Do you have any recommendations or questions? Let me know down in the comments. And, as always, thank you so much for reading!




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