Brand Love: Carhartt!

Moving to Idaho has brought along a bunch of changes. The most notable change might be the need for winter clothes. December of 2021 had the highest record or snowfall in the past eight years, so I needed to make sure I had a good winter parka (that’s right, I had to get an actual parka). Carhartt is one of the brands that is very popular in Idaho and for good reason: their jackets get the job done. Here are some of the items that I love from Carhartt!

Carhartt Yukon Extremes Insulated Parka – $299

This jacket has saved me from the cold more times than I can count. The price made me balk, but after wearing it a few times, I understood it. High quality only hurts once, after all. This parka is very warm and has everything you could need to do well in winter: pockets, insulation, removable hood with faux fur, and more. I have linked it right here.

Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Canvas Jacket – $69

This lightweight jacket is perfect for spring days or working in a colder environment. I was doing some work outside a few weeks ago and this jacket was great for it. I can wear it year-round in Idaho and the quality of the material is impressive. I have linked it right here.

Storm Defender Relaxed Fit Heavyweight Jacket – $129

I’ve needed a heavy-duty rain jacket for a few months and this was my savior. This jacket has been perfect for all weather, even snow! This is my go-to on the colder days that don’t call for the parka (so anything above 30 degrees, give or take). I would recommend this jacket for anyone who lives in an area where rain is slightly more likely than not. I have linked it right here.

Knit Cuffed Beanie – $16

I’ve recently gotten into beanies and I’m glad that I knew about Carhartt when I did. I have two beanies from this company, the feathered gray and the black beanies. The website has more colors available than the brick and mortar store that I went to, but I think they might also have some on Amazon. I’m keeping my eye out for a light pink beanie! I have linked the beanies available right here.

Waterproof Insulated Gloves – $26.99

I needed some new ski gloves and this was the perfect option. They kept my hands warm all day and I can use them when I’m working outside or going anywhere super cold. The quality surprised me for how affordable they were. You can find the gloves right here.

These are all of the items that I’ve been enjoying from Carhartt! The brand offers so many high quality items that everyone can use. My dad is also a big fan of this company, he’s invested in a few insulated flannels and work pants! Carhartt is relatively affordable and I recommend them if you live in a cold place or do a lot of heavy-duty work outside. I have linked their website right here. Thank you so much for reading!




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