Holiday Bullet Journal Essentials!

I can’t believe that I’ve been bullet journaling for an entire year! I’ve loved doing it every month and it’s been really good for me. Bullet journaling has helped me become more productive and stay on top of my tasks. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s artistic and likes original things that are hard to replicate. Here are some of the best holiday bullet journaling tips I’ve found that work for me!

Holiday Washi Tape

When I first started bullet journaling last year, there were tons of Christmas washi tape available. It was late November, so it was perfect timing. My first spread was for December and I had tons of the themed washi tape. In fact, I used a lot of the same ones as last year for this December spread as well! There’s nothing like washi tape with snowmen on it to spread holiday cheer. You can find all sorts of washi tape (holiday themed ones will be on sale!) at your local Michael’s or at I’m a huge fan of washi tape so I think this is a must for any bullet journaler!

Themed Lists

Another staple for my December spreads are lists! I love dedicating a few pages to spreads filled with lists. The current ones in my December month are Presents, What I’m Thankful For, and New Year’s Resolutions. For my January spread, I’ll have the finalized resolutions! I think having lists for the month of December really pulls everything together. It helps me stay focused on everything that matters, like my friends and family and getting them something that will make them smile!

Christmas Stickers

Last but certainly not least, we have Christmas stickers! Just like the themed washi tape, I got a bunch of Christmas stickers a year ago that are still lasting me through the holiday season. I got my favorites from and they’re so cute! I have quotes like “Ho^3” and “Deckin the Halls” that help fill up the empty spaces in my spreads. Just like the washi tape, it’s a must have for every bullet journaler during the holiday season. It completes every December spread!

Those are my favorite things for bullet journaling during December! For the holiday season, there are tons of ways to have fun and spread cheer. For me, it’s through journaling. I love it so much and it truly helps me feel focused while being a creative outlet. I recommend it to anyone who has the time to dedicate to it! It doesn’t feel like work because it’s enjoyable and calming. Leave a comment down below if you like bullet journaling as well! Thank you so much for reading.




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